Nefarious conspiracy against Bangladesh government


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Nefarious conspiracy against Bangladesh Awami League led Grand Alliance government by a former military official is continuing cheating eyes of country’s intelligence agencies. According to information, Major (retd) Khondokar Mukit Al Mahmud, who was forced into retirement in 2009 is the mastermind of this plot.

Maj.(retd) Khondokar Mukit Al Mahmud’s dubious activities came under radar of some intelligence agencies when he started contacting absconding killers of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, with the ulterior motive of un-sitting the government at the beginning of 2009. Sensing such intelligence monitoring, Maj.(retd) Mukit reportedly contacted his “bosses” at Pakistani ISI, for whom he had been working as an agent, seeking ISI’s suggestion. At the tip of ISI, Maj.(retd) Mukit decided to step out from service and planned to work as a deep-covered agent of the Pakistani intelligence agency. But, much ahead of his detachment from Bangladesh Army, Maj.(retd) Mukit secretly joined hands with a gang of fraudsters and formed a company named UNIPAY2U with the ambition of cashing few hundred million dollars from innocent people in Bangladesh by giving them false hope of providing high profit against investments. Maj. (retd) Mukit and his girlfriend Aishwarjo Chowdhury became top players of UNIPAY2U and had played the key role of motivating investors with their own-styled false hope of giving “huge” profit against the investments. Being hypnotized by such cheating tactics of Maj. (retd) Mukit-Al-Mahmud and his girlfriend, hundreds and thousands of innocent people put their money with UNIPAY2U with the hope of receiving handsome profit. Maj. (retd) Mukit even did not hesitate in trapping large number of retired Army officers and their families in putting their investments with UNIPAY2U.

Maj. (retd) Mukit was publicly mentioning names of various influential figures as his friends while he mentioned the name of Dr. Hasan Mahmud, minister of Environment Ministry as the hidden stake-holder at UNIPAY2U. But, Maj. (retd) Mukits forgery and art of mass-fraud could not continue for long as a section of local media started exposing the real motive of this fraud racket. At this stage, Maj. (retd) Mukit-Al-Mahmud went into hiding along with his girlfriend Aishwarjo Chowdhury and had been living into various apartments giving false names. They were claiming to be husband and wife while renting any of the apartments in Dhaka although Maj. (retd) Mukit had purchased a number of apartments at Bashundhara, Uttara and Dhanmondi area in the name of Aishwarjo Chowdhury.

When Maj. (retd) Mukit started making significant amount of money through UNIPAY2U, he accelerated his nefarious activities against Bangladesh Awami League led government with the ulterior intention of un-sitting the government. He had active hands behind BDR revolt in 2009 as well as foiled coup in the same year. Maj. (retd) Mukit was working as one of the prime operatives of Pakistani ISI. He even established links with various militancy groups inside India with the agenda of creating anarchy in that country. A source seeking anonymity said, while in service, Maj. (retd) Mukit was leaking sensitive information to ISI and had even joined hands with various anti-Bangladesh groups at Chittagong hill tracks.

After hiding for months following exposure of the UNIPAY2U fraud, Major (retd) Khondokar Mukit Al Mahmud was arrested from Dhaka’s Uttara area by the member of law enforcement agencies, while his full-time companion Aishwarjo Chowdhury managed to escape.

After arrest, Major (retd) Khondokar Mukit Al Mahmud was sent into Dhaka Central Jail and was placed at the high-security section of 90-cells though in few months he managed to shift from 90-cell to “Kathalichapa” cells and got the opportunity of contacting various individuals, his contacts at ISI as well as some of his former colleagues at Bangladesh Army. When few bloggers were arrested at the demand of Hefazat-E-Islam and were placed at “Gondhoraj” cell inside Dhaka central jail, Maj. (retd) Mukit gave instigations to his inmates at “Kathalichapa” cell as well as “Gondhoraj” cell, which resulted in attack on the bloggers inside the prison. Being greatly concerned at the attack, prison authorities immediately shifted the bloggers from “Gondhoraj” cell to another cell named “Shapla”.

Maj. (retd) Mukit-Al-Mahmud is providing large donation to Hefazat-E-Islam through his girlfriend Aishwarjo Chowdhury. It may be mentioned here that, Maj. (retd) Mukit has smuggled out few hundred million taka to hidden accounts in Singapore and Malaysia. He also has been keeping liaison with some of the top brasses of Hefazat-E-Islam, which is secretly planning another huge show-down right after Eid-Ul-fitr. From the prison Maj. (retd) Mukit-Al-Mahmud is trying to get support from his former colleagues in favor of anti –government activities of Hefazat-E-Islam. He also is actively working as one of the coordinators of Hafazat-E-Islam with leaders of Harkatul Jiahd and Jamayetul Mujahidin Bangladesh. Harkatul Jihad and JMB members inside Dhaka central jail are maintaining regular contacts with Mukit.

While being actively involve with Hefazat-E-Islam activities, Major (retd) Khondokar Mukit Al Mahmud is secretly contacting contract killers in Bangladesh with the nefarious motive of assassinating Bangladesh Nationalist Party Leader Begum Khaleda Zia with the ulterior intention of putting the ruling party into serious challenge. With such agenda, Maj.(retd) Mukit has reportedly been giving financial support to these crime gangs, while he also is actively trying to contact armed cadres of Freedom party.

To hide his nefarious plans, Maj. (retd) Khondokar Mukit-Al-Mahmud is proclaiming to be the class-mate of BNP leader Tarque Rahman and even claims to be in “regular” contact with Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir and few of the top figures in the party.

A former friend of Maj. (retd) Mukit told this correspondent that prior to becoming a multi-millionaire through UNIPAY2U fraud; he (Maj. Mukit) was a mere pimp supplying girls to various influential and affluent people in the country. He also established an organization named “Thai Club” in Dhaka to attract important people in it.

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