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The permanent representative(PR) of Bangladesh to the United Nations Ambassador Dr. AK Abdul Momen in an exclusive interview to vernacular daily Manabzamin ,observed that the US Ambassador in Bangladesh Dan W Mozena was “instigating“ political tension in the country by urging dialogue between the government  and the opposition on the poll time government system . It may be mentioned here that, the current government in Bangladesh has almost reached the last tail of its tenure, which will end maximum within next 60 days as the election schedule for the next general election must be declared ninety days ahead of the election and power must be handed over to the next government by January 25th 2014.

If handing of power to the next government will become impossible within the stipulated time frame, the current government will automatically lose its legitimacy and will turn illegal as per the constitutional provision. I assume, the PR to the United Nations, Ambassador Abdul Momen  is certainly aware of this reality . But why he visibly is annoyed on US Ambassador Dan Mozena, is still a mystery. Expressing his anger on the US Ambassador, the Bangladeshi PR to UN said “ can he suggest to the President of his own country to tender his resignation before contesting election?“

Ambassador Momen, raising finger at the United States said, “ presently the US government has apparently reached  a near deadlock situation due to the lack of consensus between the top two parties  (Democrats and Republicans) of the country. Can any foreign diplomat be permitted to give his suggestion to the political parties of the USA to hold a dialogue ? “

Before replying to the preposterous question of Ambassador Momen, I will surely raise a valid question to the esteemed leaders  of the political parties in Bangladesh as to whether they have developed a culture of involving the foreign diplomats into internal issues of the country. I also will ask Ambassador Momen if he can cite any example of any US senator or congressman being mercilessly beaten by the law enforcing agencies (?)

Can he give a single example where the American ruling party ever  expressed joy publicly when any public representative is treated like a thief and beaten on the street by any  police officer ?  In Bangladesh, it surely happened on a multiple occasions. We have seen eminent politician Mohammad Nasim, Motia Chowdhury,  Suranjit Sen Gupta, Joynal Abedin Faruque , Mirza Abbas, Sadeque Hossain  Khoka and many others being beaten on the streets by the members of the law enforcement agencies.  We have witnessed how the administration is politicized by the ruling parties at all the times. We have witnessed how the ruling parties always make attempts of establishing their monopoly on the administration with the ulterior motive of continuing in power eternally.

The difference between Bangladesh and the United states is – political parties in here turn mad to continue in power by  hook or by crook whenever they get the opportunity and try to manipulate elections with such tendencies, while,  in United States, elections are never manipulated by the ruling parties. Even if we take the example of India, elections in that country are never influenced by the ruling parties. In India, as the next general election is almost at the doorstep and it has become clear that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will  come to power with huge mandate does the NDA government make any foul attempt of election engineering ? No!

Dan Mozena is the true friend of Bangladesh, who represents the nation, which is the biggest development partner of our country.  At the same time, United States is the major buyer of Bangladesh readymade garments. Being a real friend of the country, Ambassador Mozena definitely can initiate any efforts in resolving the existing political crisis in Bangladesh in order to save our democracy from any uncertainty. Ambassador Momen should also remember, it is not only Ambassador Mozena, but even the UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki Moon, who has taken important initiatives in resolving the political crisis in Bangladesh and suggested both the top political parties in resolving the deadlock through dialogue.

Finally, in his interview Ambassador Abdul Momen said there is no scope for the United Nations to interfere in elections and he categorically said there would be no “follow up initiatives“ from the UN  after the  phone calls of Mr. Ban Ki Moon to the Bangladeshi  leaders  in resolving political crisis.

What Ambassador Momen said is surely is his personal perception , But time will say if, he was right on his opinion or he was too naive.

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