Secret Sex Life of Benazir Bhutto: A Political Dynasty in the Limelight… (Part 1)


Benazir Bhutto – Sherry Rehman – Bilawal Bhutto: The Deep and Dark Secrets

“Sexual adventurism of some high-profile Pakistani women”

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“The story of wife swapping in the Indian Navy has hit the news headlines everywhere. The wife of a naval officer filed a complaint against her husband that he had forced her to be a part of wife swapping with other naval officers… She says that wife swapping is a common practice in the Navy.”

Sexual adventurism is widely believed to be a game played by men – where women are the target of men’s sexual wilderness. Most of such stories revolve around these premises…

In contrast, now a story has emerged about the sexual adventures of some high-profile women. These women engage/hire go-go boys for their sexual escapades… And strange enough – that these women are not from a sexually-liberal country but from a political dynasty of Pakistan.

Bilawal BhuttoBilawal Bhutto Zardari who is now considered by his powerful family to be the successor to their political legacy and one day to lead Pakistan as the head of state is not engaged just in light romantic affairs…

The entire media is shouting only about his romantic or sexual affair with Hina Rabbani Khar – which is actually not a serious matter for anyone with liberal thoughts! But there’s another side to all this, which is so dark that it can shock even the most liberal and open minded people.

The full story is going to appear in a book, which will reveal about the libertine sex lives of Benazir Bhutto, SherrySherry Rehman Rehman and Bilawal Bhutto. Sherry Rehman, recent Pakistani Ambassador to the United States and a very close friend of Benazir Bhutto has been organizing secret VIP sex parties in U.K and Dubai where partners are openly exchanged. Benazir was always a principal participant in these sex parties. And now Bilawal is among the distinguished guests in these wild gatherings. A new sex party was recently planned in Dubai by Sherry Rehman where Bilawal Bhutto and some high-profile women from Pakistan were invited. “The event was exposed when the man who is the co-organizer with Sherry Rehman for these secret VIP sex parties invited a new woman Sara to their sexual escapades”.

OmarThis man Omar was actually engaged/hired in the past and present to give his “intimate services” to Benazir and Sherry Rehman. He provides his services to some well-known Pakistani women. It is said that enough evidences have been collected that reflect the sexual adventurism of these high-profile women. These evidences include the e-mail communications between various participants of these sex parties.  Omar, in his e-mail communications with Sara, has graphically described how he himself and other men had sex with Benazir and Sherry Rehman together in group sex sessions. These communications are a kind of written confessions that carry the first-hand accounts of sexual encounters in VIP sex parties… They also clearly specify about the “incest” in Benazir’s family, “Incest is like a tradition or custom in their family, that’s what I have seen with Benazir”, Omar revealed to Sara. Ironically, when Sherry Rehman found out that Omar was having communications with Sara, she was furious and asked Omar to stop immediately all the communications with her. Earlier, Sherry Rehman herself and one of her female friends had correspondence with Sara revealing to each other about their libertine sex lives…

An interesting conflict on Dubai scene emerged – in luxury hotels’ lobbies and around Benazir’s villa in Emirates HillsSara (the venue for sex party). Sherry Rehman had angrily told Omar to cancel his invitation to Sara for this sex party. But in the meanwhile Sara had already reached UAE. She warned Omar that first she was invited so warmly, and now she was set aside, so she would just go in front of Benazir’s villa and create a BIG SCENE there like a protest, which could also create a problem for Sherry. Sherry got confused on this warning. So she abruptly changed the venue for her sex party. But Omar’s rented car no D76732 was seen in and out of Benazir’s villa in front of Montgomery Golf Course. Omar also tried to meet Sara secretly in a hotel’s lobby. He had been really eager to see her! Ultimately, Sherry Rehman’s conflict with Sara – and Omar’s desire for this woman exposed the darkest secrets of a political dynasty.

All of this correspondence is going to be compiled in a book format titled, “Down-Town Paris: A Political Dynasty in the Limelight”. At this point if one opposes to accept the e-mail communications as the evidence, he should go through the following notes by the author:



“Live never to be ashamed if anything you do or say is published around the world.” – Richard Bach (in his book, Illusions)

As I read the above passage, I wonder if those high-profile people who are known to advocate certain bold views in their private behind-the-door gatherings, will they ever have the courage to stand for their own ways of life?- the lifestyle that they fiercely support and secretly follow.

Down-Town Paris unfolds the secret lives of some very high-profile people from Pakistan.

It reveals what’s going on in their secret VIP sex parties… And it’s much more than some usual sex affairs!

This book includes the e-mail correspondence made between various participants of this secret lifestyle.

This correspondence explicitly describes how some people from the top echelon of a political dynasty were/are engaged in such strange and shocking activities that no one could have ever imagined!

At this point, one might oppose to accept e-mail communications as the evidence.

So I would cite 3 recent cases where e-mail correspondence and a statement from a relevant person have played the key role to stir a course of action:

E-mail communications played a key role in the story that revolved around US Commander General Allen, Jill Kelley, CIA Director General Petraeus and Paula Broadwell. It revealed the affair between General David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell, which then led to the resignation of CIA Director General Petraeus. In this case, there were no photographs or videos. Only the relevant e-mails were exposed that started an investigation by the FBI and the media.

Recent “Memogate scandal” about Hussain Haqqani, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US emerged through his letter written to US military chief. All the noise was for tracking-down his BlackBerry communications.

The story of wife swapping in the Indian Navy that has hit the news headlines everywhere has only one element. And that is a complaint filed by the wife against her husband. Here we have only a statement filed by the wife. There’s no written invitation to such gatherings from any participant. There’s no evidence of any friendly communications/chats between the participants on this subject.

But in regard to the revelations about a political dynasty of Pakistan – this book compiles first-hand written accounts of certain participants in form of their e-mail communications – some of which also mention incest.

Some communications describe everything so graphically that they fall out of the scope of this book.

So those communications are going to be published in a different book titled, “Indecent Correspondence”, compiled by another writer. The communications that are not so graphic will be included in the first book.                                                                                                                              

I am sure some people will threaten me with lawsuits and deny everything portrayed here. I will warmly welcome them in any court of law for an open debate and cross-examination of the evidences.

Actually, I have already handed-over all the communications to some officials from a high authority. (So that everything can be verified, whenever necessary).

(End of Part 1)

(See Part 2)

Roshan Mirza

Roshan Mirza is a photographer based in London. He is engaged in making research and investigation on socio-political issues.



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