Secret Sex Life of Benazir Bhutto: A Political Dynasty in the Limelight… (Part 3)

Roshan Mirza

(See Part 2)

bb N “The real news about Benazir Bhutto is not in the Western media. It’s somewhere else – with deep and dark secrets, which are not revealed in any newspaper so far.


OmarFrom: Omar <omar….@….com>
To: Sara <sara….@….com>
Sent: Friday, August 2, 2013 10:43 AM
Subject: Re: Hello Sara

Well you can participate as an observer or writer if you are not comfortable, but it will be a sex party. From 19 Aug till for three days it will be sex partying. Sara if we can speak I will explain everything in detail.


Sara N for emailFrom: Sara <sara….@….com>
To: Omar <omar….@….com>
Sent: Friday, August 2, 2013 11:59 AM
Subject: Re: Hello Sara

Sex party is fine. I just wanted to make sure.

I will send you shortly another e-mail, explaining about my present circumstances.



Sara N for emailFrom: Sara <sara….@….com>
To: Omar <omar….@….com>
Sent: Friday, August 2, 2013 3:07 PM
Subject: Current Phase

Omar dear

Thanks for inviting me to such an interesting libertine party.

I think I should tell you that now I don’t have a “free life” or the freedom like I had before.

I will let you know shortly if I can join your upcoming party in Dubai. 

We can still communicate through e-mail, if you like.

You said that you’re an expert in tantric ways of life for women – in giving orgasms to women. That’s really exciting.                                                                                                                                                

Tell me one thing frankly. Apparently you had your sexual encounters with Benazir also…

How was with her? How many times maximum you gave her the orgasms in one session? What was something special with her?

And how it goes with Sherry Rehman? Perhaps you can give some descriptions about your sexual encounters with these 2 ladies.

About me, I can include something special from my previous encounters. In the attachment, it’s a picture of 4 black men. Look at them. They’re like rough-and-tough horses.

They always gave me multiple orgasms (that’s why I asked you about your expertise in giving orgasms to women).

I am interested in some descriptions of your sexual encounters with Benazir and Sherry Rehman…

All the best


Sara cannes
SARA at Cannes International Film Festival


From: Omar <omar….@….com>
To: Sara <sara…@….com>
Sent: Friday, August 2, 2013 10:34 PM
Subject: Re: Current Phase

Dear Sara

You are welcome dear. Thank you for sharing your intimate moments with me, and thank you for trusting me. If you want I can speak with Shehla Raza, she can be assist to you in your issues. I can understand that you don’t want to damage your position, with your sex partners and all the property asset issues, I can understand that. So will you be able to make a day or two trip to Dubai secretly after two weeks, will it be possible? I will keep a slot for you at the party. When you get a number in safe place, please tell me and I will call you. Please note I will explain below how this party will be so nice.

Sara, I normally don’t talk about my clients, it is not my way of things but because you tell me openly about your personal life and are so open free minded, so I will share with you only. I am a professional in my field and I am proud of it so when I give a woman a pleasure like nothing before I feel I have a mission accomplished. You have sex with three men at the same time that is beautiful, so you will understand what I will tell you. Now I provide services to Sherry Rehman and Shehla Raza who are my important customers in Pakistan. If you have chance to talk to Shehla you can ask about me. I was also providing services to Benazir Bhutto. I met her first time on 23rd Aug 2003, I will always remember that. It was in London and she booked a session with me for the whole night. (Sara I know you understand this fact that every woman has the right to do for her life as she likes). So I gave her full tantric massage and manual orgasm. I really loved Benazir as a woman, she was very active sexually and I had to give her both anal and vaginal sex after massage. She was also actually bisexual so she was happy doing sex with both man and woman. (Sherry is also bi-sexual, I will explain it later). I was able to give Benazir multiple orgasms in one session.

In Dubai I also started to give service to Sherry Rehman who is also bisexual and we will have group sex. First time in Dubai with Benazir, it was group sex with me, George (another masseur of Benazir) and one more young man Jason Khan. It was great sex…

I have sex with Shehla Raza also – and other women friends of her and Sherry but the best is always with Sherry. There are so many other things about these great ladies, so many dark sex styles…


Sara N for emailFrom: Sara <sara….@….com>
To: Omar  <omar….@….com>                                          
Sent: Saturday, August 3, 2013 2:17 AM
Subject: Re: Current Phase

Omar Dear

First of all, be assured that whatever you have told me about Benazir and Sherry, I will keep everything just to myself. Your descriptions about them are really exciting and full of sexual thrill!

All the best



OmarFrom: Omar  <omar….@….com>
To: Sara <sara….@….com>
Sent: Saturday, August 3, 2013 1:36 AM
Subject: Re: Current Phase

So are you going to make a plan for this sex party Sara dear?



Sherry Rehman, former Pakistani Ambassador to the United States
(The host of VIP sex parties in UK and Dubai)


The communication follows with the explicit description of various sexual acts between Benazir, Sherry Rehman, Omar, Jason Khan – and other participants in group sex…

Incest: Later on, Omar also specifies about the “incest” in Benazir’s family, “Incest is like a tradition or custom in their family. That’s what I have seen with Benazir.” Then it goes on to the explicit description of incestuous acts between close and the immediate family members of Benazir. These revelations are made not only by Omar who has been a first-hand participant in these wild sexual escapades – but they’re also confirmed by a well-known British female journalist who has been very close to this high-flying family. She is working for a leading British newspaper and she has written clearly in her e-mail sent from the official e-mail account of her newspaper – about sex parties and the incestuous relationships in Benazir’s family…    

She goes on with the following words precisely: “Incest goes with their high-flying lifestyle, and runs across the family horizontally and vertically. Both Sanam Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto are and were into incest respectively. And it still continues today. Benazir had a mystical outlook towards life. She was known to have been enthralled by Cantonese amatory and ancient Japanese erotic cultural influences.”

Then she mentions about the current sexual relationships going on between Benazir’s family members – and the rift between certain women in the family…

The difference between Omar and the British journalist is that Omar has described everything in explicit and graphic language, while the journalist has maintained a more sophisticated tone.

These are the excerpts only. The entire communication in its uncut form reflects some of the darkest secrets of a political elite in modern times.

Sara crying
SAIRA: The woman whose story led to expose the darkest secrets of a political dynasty.
“Angry young woman at the Statue of Liberty, New York”


Sara N 50
Cannes International Film Festival, Palais des Festivals
SAIRA promoting a documentary film at her booth at Palais des Festivals
Omar, the go-go boy of Benazir Bhutto and Sherry Rehman

(End of Part 3)


Coming up: Part 4 – The Transit Point…


“The Part 4 will be a ‘transit point’ connected to the complete report. It will be a glimpse of a larger-than-life story that would not only INFORM people (the NEWS) but it would also make people think about the values, taboos, social responsibility, historical responsibility and one’s possible role to contribute to a collective future…”

Roshan Mirza


Roshan Mirza is a photographer based in London. He is engaged in making research and investigation on socio-political issues. E-mail:


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