Unusual Sexual Orientations of Bilawal Bhutto Manipulated for Political Influence…


Roshan Mirza

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“Politically-ambitious/sexually active women coming behind the young gun – in the reverse role-play”

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is pulled into a new camp opposing Zardari. Femme fatale in action…

The news about Bilawal Bhutto’s affair with Hina Rabbani Khar has hit the world headlines. All of these media outlets have been shouting about this controversy. But a simple romantic relation or a usual sexual affair is not a matter of any serious concern for people with liberal thoughts. They can just smile on this news. Yet, there’s another side of this scenario, which is so dark that it will shock everyone!

Bilawal Bhutto who is the successor to the political legacy of Bhutto/Zardari dynasty and seen by his family as a future head of state has reportedly some unusual sexual orientations… These unusual sexual orientations include the “reverse role-play” that goes with the fetishism of certain sexually adventurous women.

Some high-profile Pakistani women arrange VIP sex parties where Bilawal Bhutto is among the distinguished guests. Some of these women like to do “strapon action” on men in a “reverse role-play” (which means that a woman attaches a sex toy to her belt around her waist – and uses it on the man).

One politically ambitious and sexually active woman loves to do “strapon action” on Bilawal. She was the host of a recent VIP sex party where Bilawal was specially invited. This woman who was a very close friend of Benazir Bhutto is now trying to create her influence on Bilawal through their unusual sexual orientations – for political manipulations. She is on her way to create a new camp within Pakistan People’s Party in opposition to Asif Zardari. And she is looking for Bilawal Bhutto to be on her side.

Creating a political influence is nothing new, not even through sexual prowess. But the use of such an unusual sexual weapon – where a woman uses the sex toy on a man in a “reverse role-play” is not heard before! Considering their “reverse role-play in sexual escapades”, one wonders that a man who is submissive to women in this manner, if one day he becomes the head of state, will he ever be able to take a firm stand in front of big powers? How far and how deep he could be manipulated? Should a man like this be the head of state one day? Perhaps our future politics is going to witness an “unusual reverse role-play”.

Sherry R &
Sherry Rehman, former Pakistani Ambassador to the United States and a very close friend of Benazir Bhutto



Roshan Mirza


“Roshan Mirza is a photographer based in London. He is engaged in making research and investigation on socio-political issues.” E-mail: roshanmirza28@yahoo.com

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