The story of billionaire Sonia Gandhi and Asif Zardari

Vinod Mehta

Maneka Gandhi, India’s prominent social figure and widow of Sanjay Gandhi has already expressed her anger on Sonia Gandhi for attaining wealth worth millions of dollars, most of which is suspected to be deposited in secret offshore banks accounts. According to reports, Sonia is one of the billionaire politicians in the world while the former president of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari is considered to be amongst the richest politicians in the world. He and his wife Benazir Bhutto stole money from the national exchequer of Pakistan through unimaginable corruption. There had been number of international investigations where the existences of hidden wealth of the Pakistani political couple were identified while in similar way the investigators have also found the existence of huge wealth possessed by Sonia Gandhi.

It had been further learnt by the investigators that Sonia and her son Rahul Gandhi have invested significant sum of money in real estate businesses in Italy while they also have investments in hotel and catering sectors around the world. The investigator further found that the Gandhis have investments in some foreign companies engaged in telecommunication and IT sector and one of the companies secretly owned by the influential Gandhi Dynasty of India, was involved behind the 3G scandal. For giving undue financial benefit to the company owned by the Gandhis, the Indian government was visibly forced in awarding the 3G contract. Although Sonia Gandhi had on a number of occasions denied the fact of owning such huge wealth the matter now once again has come to media’s limelight following the statement of Maneka Gandhi and it may put huge negative impact on the ruling party in India during coming election.

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