Is it time for Yingluck to exit?


Faisal Mustafa

The apex court in Thailand has already declared February 2014 general election illegal which surely now puts the government of Yingluck Shinawatra in trouble and the world may now know her government as illegal. The court verdict also now stops Yingluck from claiming to be elected prime minister and it also now will give fresh life to the anti government protestors in the Kingdom. There is no doubt that the Thai political crisis now will enter a newer fold wherefrom the nation now can only come out by holding of a fresh election and that possibly will make an end to the Shinawatra tenure at least for some years. The next government now may not be very sweet on Yingluck and there is sharp possibility that series of serious charges may be brought against her which may end her up in prison for years. Should it be a lesson for the autocrats in the world?

The political crisis in Thailand began some months back when Yingluck Shinawatra unilaterally made constitutional amendments purely with the wrong motive of letting her corrupt brother Thaksin Shinawatra return from exile and get rehabilitated in politics. Inglak possibly did not consider the fact that such actions of constitutional amendment may ultimately backfire and would doom her entire political career. Political analysts say, Yingluck actually did exactly what other dictators do and the never think about consequence while committing the sin of betraying with the trust of the people. The fall of Yingluck will surely be expensive for her as this time she had already committed shroud crime by political repression on the opposition as well as state patronized terror including murder of the civilians. She also is guilty of breaching the trust of the people and polluting the office of the prime minister.

There is sharp apprehension that following the latest court verdict, controversial prime minister of Thailand, Yingluck Shinawatra may now opt for leaving the country any time following the path of her elder brother and may take asylum in any country. There is also prediction of military intervention in Thailand at any time as the Yingluck government has lost legitimacy already and it is unlikely that she may either step down from power or may even move ahead with fresh election as she is fully aware that the result of the election will go against her and the new government won’t let her go without facing serious charges.

We now have to wait to observe the reaction of the international community on the Thai issue and how they would now deal with Yingluck Shinawatra who no more is a legal prime minister of the country. Coming weeks will possibly hold reply to all of the questions and confusions. 

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