The Godfathers In Bangladesh

Monika khan

It is not about the discreet meeting between Bollywood’s hot girl Deepika Padukone and mafia Don Dawood Ibrahim, where Dawood’s money were sought to produce a Hollywood movie in which Deepika would play a James Bond 007 prototype role of a female detective. It is not even about Vidya Balan exhibiting physical vulgarism in Dirty Picture or Paoli Dam copying porn-star Sunny Leone in a hot bed scene. It is not about how a group of political elites made attempts of grabbing a huge property of Jaya Bachhan (Jaya Bhaduri)’s ancestral town named Netrokona in Bangladesh or it is not about the fame-battle between Jennifer Lopez and Shakira centering their recent songs on FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. But it is the real story of a band of godfathers in a small country of 165 million people in South Asia, where, crime against humanity, such as forced disappearances, abductions and extra-judicial killings are at such an alarming level that may easily find a place at Guinness Book of World Record! It is the country named Bangladesh, where, hopping kangaroo court convicted anti-jihadist journalist and internationally acclaimed peace activist Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury for his “crime” of confronting religious extremism with 7 years rigorous imprisonment and a very influential advisor of the Prime Minister along with  the Forces Intelligence not only exerted undue pressure on the court to anyhow convict Mr. Choudhury, but the same advisor and the Forces Intelligence are stopping the lawyers of Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury from moving the appeal with the High Court, challenging the impugned verdict of rigorous imprisonment. The advisor is mad on Mr. Choudhury for exposing his direct affiliation with a multi level Marketing racket, which already had cashed billions of dollars by cheating 4.5 million people. Series of investigative reports exposing this high profile financial corruption appeared in Weekly Blitz during 2011 and 2012. 

Narendra Modi and Bharatiya Janata Party led National Democratic Alliance had recently formed government in India following a landslide victory in the Lok Sabha election, defeating Indian National Congress led UPA alliance. During the swearing-in ceremony of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, most of the Heads of the governments in South Asia participated except Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Why? Because, while India is the largest democracy in the world, Bangladesh has the funniest democracy with a so-called parliament filled with members, mostly unelected while the Bangladeshi PM keeps all powers in her own hand. The power of Bangladeshi PM is no less than any Mughal Emperor, while she can be whimsical much more than Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez or Vladimir Putin. As said, absolute power corrupts absolutely, the scenario in today’s Bangladesh are the worst examples of it. 

On April 26, 2014 at least seven people, including an elected local government representative and a Hindu lawyer were forcefully abducted by the members of Rapid Action Battalion and later killed. It was a contract killing, where members of RAB led by Lt. Col. Tareque Sayeed Mohammad received Tk. 60 million for murdering seven people. It is even said that the actual number of people murdered by Lt. Col. Tareque are not seven, but it is eleven, as the boatmen who carried and threw the dead bodies at Shitalaksha River were also killed by the RAB men. It was reported in media that that Lt. Col. Tareque is a serial killer who had killed more than 94 people during past several years. Members of RAB are regularly involved in forced disappearances, abductions, robberies and extra-judicial killings. Such crimes against humanity by RAB are taking place under direct command of the members of the Armed Forces, while United Nations regularly recruits members of Bangladesh Armed Forces and police in various peace-keeping missions under UNPKF.

Following the arrest of Lt. Col. Tareque Sayeed Mohammad, Major Arif Hossain and Lt. Commander Masud Rana, a telephonic conversation between the donor of this murder, Nur Hossain and infamous godfather of Narayanganj district and a ruling party MP, Shamim Osman, was leaked to media by the security agency or probably by RAB itself. Though it is learnt through different media reports and reliable sources that few influential advisors to PM Hasina used to receive regular token money from Nur Hossain, the investigation agencies have mysteriously kept silent regarding the issue. Moreover, Shamim Osman raised his fingers at Colonel Ziaul Ahsan for leaking the contents of telephonic conversation to media. Media report says, Osman has already invested crores of taka with an intention to frame Colonel Ziaul Ahsan to tarnish the image of this brave and patriot officer. But, it is not a question as to who leaked Osman’s conversation with Nur Hossain- one of the prime accused in the murder case, but from the conversation it is clearly understood that the godfather of Narayanganj -Shamim Osman definitely had knowledge about this murder, days before it actually took place. Dipu Chowdhury, son of Disaster management minister Mofazzel Hossain Chowdhury Maya, who reportedly mediated the murder contract between Nur Hossain, and Dipu’s brother-in -law Lt. Col. Tareque, received the entire amount of Tk. 60 million from Nur Hossain before the contract murder took place. Till date, Dipu Chowdhury is neither arrested nor interrogated while minister Maya abstained from attending cabinet meetings and suddenly left for Thailand even without informing his cabinet colleagues and officials of his ministry. It was also learnt that the state minister for Home Affairs Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal was informed by the family members of the victims, minutes after they were picked up by RAB. But, the state minister did not take any steps in rescuing the abducted people from the captivity of serial killer Lt. Col. Tareque Sayeed Mohammad and his gang. Rather the state minister gave misleading statements to the media accusing opposition political parties for being involved in the abductions. Such inefficiency of the State Minister for Home Affairs came under violent criticism even by the senior leaders of the ruling party. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also is reportedly unhappy on the state minister for his negligence. A change in the Home Ministry is imminent and it is anticipated that either Mohammad Nasim or Dr. Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir may be given the responsibility of running the Home Ministry. Both of them have past experience of performing as the Home Minister. But Dr. Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir enjoys very clean image with admirable educational background. On the other hand, Mohammad Nasim is a seasoned politician with vast experience. 

It was reported in Daily Star that godfather of Narayanganj-Shamim Osman was patronizing Nur Hossain in his series of illegal activities including extortion, vulgar dance shows and prostitution, including dealing in drugs, wherefrom godfather Shamim Osman was getting a significant stake. Every day, Nur Hossain was earning nearly Tk. 10 million from these illegal activities. It may be mentioned here that, Shamim Osman, with the help of his supporters evicted the largest brothel situated in Narayanganj many years back. It was known to all that the eviction took place because a political rival of Osman family was running the brothel for decades.

Nur Hossain also had a private comfort house where influential people were regularly visiting to consume alcoholic beverages, drugs and enjoying the company of expensive prostitutes. This reminds us of a similar comfort house named “KHWAB” (Dream), which was maintained by the godfathers of the infamous Hawa Bhaban during the rule of BNP-Jamaat coalition govt. Comfort girls and celebrities were regularly brought from Tunisia, Egypt, Uzbekistan and India spending huge sum of money on a regular basis for giving “special company ” to BNP leader Tarique Rahman and his business partners and sycophants. During that period, Hawa Bhaban godfathers were collecting ten percent bribe from each of the business contracts while they also were involved in extortions and other forms of financial crimes. One of the hated godfathers of Hawa Bhaban, Gias Uddin Al Mamun smuggled out millions of dollars to Malaysia, UAE, Singapore, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong. He currently is serving luxurious prison life in a number of corruption charges, while he also had already been found guilty and convicted in a couple of corruption cases. It is claimed in the media that Gias Uddin Al Mamun donated few million dollars in the election campaign budget of both Indian National Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party. He is expected to be released soon under a secret deal reached with the ruling Bangladesh Awami League. Under the deal, soon after his release, Mamun will fly to Malaysia with his second wife Adity Sen Gupta.

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