“Prostitution And Flesh Trade In The Muslim Nations”


Arpita Das

According to Islamic Scholars and references from Hadith (saying of the prophet of Islam), adultery and sex beyond marriage are not only offences but punishable sin. If we look onto the verses of Holy Quran, “Jeenah” is totally forbidden for Muslims. If we try to understand the vocabularic meaning of the word “Jeenah”, it actually stands for forced sexual intercourse or rape. Forceful molestation of the women by a man or a man by a woman or even a man by another man would all fall under the area of Jeenah. In this case, all other religious scriptures in the world invariably prohibit forceful sexual intercourse, molestation or rape. 

Although Islam categorically does not say anything against prostitution (if not forced) many of the Muslim nations in the world, starting from Maldives to Palestine, from Tunisia to Turkey, from Egypt To Syria all are having brothels, night clubs, cabarets etc within the legal frameworks, thus giving legitimacy to such actions. In Iran, prostitution is widespread under the religious garb of “muta-aa” marriage. My readers may get confused considering “muta-aa” a regular marriage. But in fact, it is not! “Muta-aa” is a so called temporary marriage giving the right to any man in hiring a female for time ranging between ten minutes to ten years. A man can simply have sex with any woman for the specified period against mutually agreed amount of money with the woman who will never get the status of his wife. At best, if a child is born, during the sexual intercourse of “muta-aa”, he or she only gets a father’s name as a social shield. Can we call it anything less than prostitution? 

Sodomy is strictly prohibited in Quran. But according to a book named “Inside Madrassas” by Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury, 69 percent of any students in Quranic madrassas are sodomized by their teachers and elderly fellow students. There is no word in Quran about Lesbianism. According to “Shariah law” of Iran, and according to holy sermon of Ayatollah Khomeini, a man is allowed in having anal sex with a minor girl child while such marriage is legal.

We all are aware of wealthy Arab Sheikhs keeping scores of females inside their Harem and treating them as mere sex slaves. The historical record says, Arab Sheikhs used to have even thousands of women in their Harem in the mediaeval era. The same tradition was being continued by the Mughal Emperors in the Indian Sub-continent.

Indonesia although tops the list of Muslim nations, it has huge “Red Light Districts” in most of the cities including Jakarta. Densities of prostitutes or sex girls are no less in Indonesia than Thailand or Philippines. Indonesian law doesn’t prohibit sell and consumption of alcoholic beverage, running cabarets or regular strip shows. Similarly, brothels and prostitutions are very much in existence in most of Muslim nations. Islamic scholars, those who consider adultery and extra-marital sex as “Jeenah”, may even feel totally uncomfortable seeing the open existence of sex trade in the Muslim nations. Some may even term this conflicting with Quranic laws. But they too may fail coming up with solid references showing prostitution forbidden in Islam.

There is always controversy centering if Islam ensures due respect to women. The question is debatable. But one point is clear! Quran promises haven, luxury and 72 virgins for righteous men. There is nothing in Quran about women in the next life. None of the Islamic scholars had ever been able clarifying this fact, other than giving some funny justifications. In Quran, Verse -Nisa (women) is clearly mentioned – “women are crops field of the men. They (men) can use them the way they aspire. “This particular verse of Quran clearly puts women into an inferior status. As if, they only are sex tools of the men.

Muslim mind around the world invariably consider women as a method of meeting their sexual desire or sexual perversion. Be it a worldly woman or those 72 ever virgin beauties in the haven, in my personal opinion, Muslim must walk out of such mediaeval thoughts.

They must give women respectable status in their societies. This should be the best and most timely pledge of the Mother’s Day. 


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