Mysterious Bangladeshi billionaire Moosa

Special Correspondent

Moosa Bin Shamsher aka Prince Moosa. He is a man filled with mysteries. According to Anti Corruption Commission in Bangladesh, he has over US$7 billion in Swiss Bank. The anti graft body now has decided to investigate the exact wealth of this mysterious man for amassing wealth illegally and siphoning off huge count of money abroad.

Business tycoon Moosa Bin Shamsher came to limelight when he offered five million pound to the election campaign of the British Prime Minister Tony Blair. According to information he made fortune through arms and oil business deals. Born on 15th October 1950 he has two sons and a daughter.

According to the Irish Daily Mirror, he moves always with a team of trained body guards. On 19th May 1998, the Sunday Telegraph in its report titled ‘Man with the golden pens’ wrote, Moosa is known as Prince Moosa. His custom made Rolex watch costs $1 million while Mont Blanc pen costs ten million dollars. He has gems and other precious items worth hundreds of millions of dollars are stored in the vault of foreign banks. In addition to arms and oil businesses he also made millions of dollars from manpower export. 

Recently Moosa Bin Shamsher made an announcement me giving 3 billion dollars to the Bangladesh government for the construction of a bridge in which the World Bank earlier declined to put money.

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