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We the newspaper with distinctive difference have stepped into 13th year. During the past 12 years, Weekly Blitz has faced and endured lots of sufferings, threats, intimidations and even attacks. Despite all of these odds, we did not bow-down. Never compromised our editorial policy. Odds, intimidations, threats and terror attacks made our determination of moving ahead by upholding our ideology, principle and editorial policy at top of anything else. In the past 12 years, we considered our friends as friend forever and our foes as source of our inspiration. Yes, inspiration in holding our ideals at high. And yes, we have the courage and audacity of writing and publishing articles and Op-eds in favor of ‘unpopular opinion’. What is unpopular opinion in a country like Bangladesh? We denounce anti-semitism and culture of hatred in the strongest manner. And, we are the only newspaper in the Muslim world, which never publish molested or twisted or hate-filled materials against Judaism, Zionism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism etc and the state of Israel. We confront Holocaust denial and we do firmly consider Hitler and his Nazi cohorts as culprits, criminals and  enemies of humanity.

The greatness of a newspaper is not measured by the size of its readership, but measured by its influence and credibility. Weekly Blitz may not have thous global policymakers, who always read this newspaper. Why? Answer is simple!

We would of course be completely daft if what we have been publishing were just ‘news’ published by another newspaper. Ours is not just ‘another newspaper’. But it is different.

We have news! Sometime-breaking news. When our valued readers read Blitz, they always different!

We are free from political bias. We aren’t mouthpiece of any political party. Our total focus is no news-good news, bad news and of course, hard-hitting investigative reports.

Thanks to our writers, columnists (from around the world), and our very precious sources, who continuously help us with scoop.

Unfortunately, at this august moment, our editor, Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is in prison, serving rigorous imprisonment in blasphemy and sedition case, for the ‘crime’ of confronting militancy, religious hatred and anti-Semitism, and for promoting global peace and interfaith harmony.

Irene Z Khan, former chief of Amnesty International and currently Director General of International Law Development Organization (IDLO) said,”… when our court system is used to silence those with unpopular views, we all lose the opportunity to hear all sides of an issue and come to our own conclusions.”

Our editor says, “Appeasing militancy and terrorism and Holocaust denial as well wrongly using the judicial or executive system in silencing unpopular opinion are heinous crimes while confronting such evil practices are sacred duty of every peace-loving individual in the world.”

He says, “Confinement and continuous legal and otherwise harassment will never be able to bend my determination in speaking the truth and exposing the evils within our societies. Because, despite all the ordeals and odds- I never retreat, never surrender my conscious to the will of wronghood. The word ‘retreat’ isn’t in my vocabulary.”

As we are stepping into a new year-the 13th, we humbly request our valued readers, critics, writers, columnists, sources, and contacts, to please continue their supports to Weekly Blitz. We also welcome investigative reports, breaking stories and scoops from people and sources around the world. We know, people around the world may be holding datas, papers and hard evidences of issues as sensational as Wikileaks or Panama Papers. We welcome them all and humbly request to send those materials to Weekly Blitz, without hesitation. We always shall maintain total secrecy about our source, as we did in the past-under all circumstances.

We also humbly request valued advertisers and advertising agencies around the world kindly to remember Weekly Blitz whenever they would place advertisements onwards, please! Lifeline of a newspaper is advertisements. If you want this distinctively different newspaper to survive and flourish, please, help us with your  advertisements in the days ahead.

We express profound gratitude to HRH Prince Albert of Monaco, Dr. Irwin Cotler esqr, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Dr. Richard l. Benkin, Senator Mark Steven Kirk, Members of The US Senate and Congress, European Union Parliament, Australian Senate, British House of Commons, Middle East Forum, Hudson Institute, American Jewish Committee, Daniel Pipes, Nina Rosenwald, Bret Stephens, Seth Mandel, heather robinson, Rabbi Sue Levy, Ariella Kapelner, Meir Stone, Bikash Halder, Nava Thakuria, David Harris, Yehudit Barsky, Judi Mcleod, Nita Lowey, Collin Haughton, Harun Yahya, Bobby Ramakant, Shobha Shukla, Kazi Azizul Huq, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Huffington Post, Washington Times, New York Times, The Australian, Canada Free Press, Berliner zeitung, Jewish Week, Times of Assam, Ananda Bazar Patrika, Jewish Exponent, JINSA, AIPAC, Voice of America (TV), Al Jazeera, Asian Tribune, Bharatiya Janata Party, Sonia Gandhi, Mamata Banerjee, Maneka gandhi, Pranay Sharma, Dr. Nazmul Ahsan Kalimullah, Motiur Rahman Chowdhury, Ekattor TV, Naimul Islam Khan, Mahbub Aziz, Christina England, and many others for their kind supports.

Thanks again, dear friends, readers, contributors and patrons. God bless !




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