Sex tourism: A billion dollar industry (Part 2)

Blitz Exclusive

(See Part 1)

Shirin (not real name), a 30-year-old Iranian woman has been living in Dubai for past 3 years. She runs a ‘trading company’, where she has 2 more Iranian female co-workers. Shirin pretends to be buying various types of ‘halal’ foodstuff of Iranian importers but in reality the 40 square meter office of Shirin actually is an escort agency providing Iranian girls to affluent Arabs and foreign tourists. There are two small ‘private chambers’ measuring around 10 square meter each with attached toilets.

A customer can spend time with Shirin or any of her two female colleagues in exchange of US$ 300 per hour. She and her colleagues also go into ‘outcall’ services, generally to the apartments of the customers.

In Dubai Shirin and her colleagues live posh lives while they earn US$ 50-55 thousand each per month. They live in an apartment and their neighbors only know they are educated business women from Iran. The neighbors cannot even smell of the actual profession of Shirin and her co-workers. In the apartment, the atmosphere shows them to be extremely elegant and religious. There is copies of the holy Quran and many Islamic calligraphies hanging on the walls. Although all of them are alcoholics and wear Western outfit at home, including shorts, they will put on proper Islamic dress and of course hijab while going out. They bring-in alcoholic beverages at home secretly by hiding into vegetables, fruits and foodstuff while they will always take-out the empty bottles or canes of alcoholic beverages and dispose of into dustbins in other areas mostly after sunset.

Shirin told our correspondent (who also did not disclose identity) that, several women were making money by running businesses similar to her.

All of these women have extreme hatred towards Sharia rule. They believe, mullahs had turned Iran into a burning hell.

Ultimate plan of Shirin and two of her co-workers are to settle into any Western country in future once they have enough money.

When asked, how is today’s Iranian society, Shirin swallowed a large peg of Black Label whisky and remained silent for few second. Then she took a second peg and said, “It was a beautiful society decades back. But since the Mullahs grabbed power, things went wrong. Now there is huge unemployment, poverty and fear. The entire society has gone spoilt. Most of the people do not speak from the heart. They are afraid of state repression. Only Mullahs and their near and dear ones are happy. Because they make money. It’s a corruption, nepotism and hypocrisy plagued society. Mullahs are dominant force. They can do and undo anything. They can send their Revolutionary Guards to pull-away anyone-men, women and girls from their homes. They can pick up even school girls and rape.

“From the distance, you can see an Islamic society in Iran. But we know, there is no Islam anywhere. Women put on hijab when they go out of home. They pretend to be holy. But at homes, they just wear short or bikini with  lingerie. Fear, frustration, poverty and unemployment has turned them into an evil society. If you have Mullahs, you can buy virgin girls-5, 10, 20-whatever you want. That’s not a country anymore. That’s Satan’s haven. Iran is like a prison cell. A large prison cell. It’s worse than those failed states or Communist countries. Mullahs are remaining in power by force. Through repressions, oppressions and atrocities. For heaven’s sake, don’t ask me anything about that country anymore-please!”

When Shirin was reminded, she still holds the Iranian passport, she burst into laughter and said, “Wish I could tear it off now and flush in the comod.”

From Shirin our correspondent came to know, how prostitution is spreading very fast in the Iranian society. In her words, Mullahs are patronizing in flourishing of sex tourism. They know, foreign tourists would visit Iran in larger numbers when they can buy a ‘Persian beauty’ in exchange of some dollars.

Even some influential leaders and members of the Revolutionary Guards are running prostitution rackets in Iran.

There has been tremendous rise of sex trade in Iran during past two decades. Mullahs reportedly consider the young girls as ‘profitable commodity’. Even young girls are encouraged in taking prostitution as profession in today’s Iran!

To be continued …