Washington considering punitive measures against countries promoting radical Islamic terrorism

Blitz Exclusive

President Donald Trump, as part of his pledge of eradicating radical Islamic Terrorists completely from the face of earth, is going to take several tough members, including economic sanctions on those nations, which promote anti-Semitism, and directly or indirectly patronize radical Islamic terrorism.

In addition to this measure, organisations and individuals having affiliations with radical Islamic terrorism may get blacklisted by the US.

Since assuming office on January 20, President Trump has started gradually implementing his election pledges.

Washington is also all set to receive Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in February as the first foreign leader and President Trump is expected to take a historic decision, which would further strengthen US-Israel relations. Donald Trump has already pledged of recognising Jerusalem as the undivided capital of the Jewish State.

Sources said, President Trump is unwilling giving any concession to those nations promoting, patronizing or appeasing radical Islamic terrorism, and or anti-American sentiment.