We must unite against radical Islamic terrorism!

by Hassan Siddiquee

I have thrown-away all of albums of Madonna, those i had collected with passion. To me, she is no more a singer or a songwriter. She just is a cohort of radical Islamic terrorism. I don’t anymore see any difference between Madonna, and those radical Islamic terrorists who attacked the United State on September 11th. They destroyed the Twin Tower, and, and now Madonna wants to blow-up the White House.

What Madonna has uttered on 1/21 is nothing but high treason. She has echoed the voice of Islamic State and Al Qaeda. She wants to blow-up the White House. Possibly she wants to assassinate the 45th President of the US. She has given dangerous provocations to people. It’s no different than declaring war against the US.

From the first day in office of President Donald Trump, we are witnessing a dangerous sign of the rise of radical Islamic terrorism, right inside the US. Have you seen women in pink “pussyhats” or those folding their heads with American flags? That’s hijab – radical Islamic attire. All they want is – Islamizing the United States of America in the disguise of anti-Trump protest.

Look onto those posters – women wearing American flags as hijab. Don’t ask me, who are behind these marches of spreading seeds of radical Islamic terrorism. Don’t ask me, who are behind these dangerous bids of Islamizing the US. Don’t ask me, why Madonna vowed to ‘blowing-up the White House’ and why the crowd chanted – ‘Yes, we’re ready’.

It’s time for every patriotic American to stand against such notorious conspiracy. It’s time for everyone to unite. Yes, unite against radical Islamic terrorism. It’s time for each of us to confront pseudo jihadists like Madonna. They are no different than radical Islamic  terrorists. They are no different than – lone wolves!