Japanese company coming-up with Smartphone to dominate world market

Blitz Exclusive

Until now, the Smartphone business is controlled by Apple, Samsung, Oppo and Huawei. Just in past few months, Chinese brand Oppo grabbed the number three position pushing Huawei to fourth, while first and second position remains to Apple (USA) and Samsung (South Korea).

Huawei has 170,000 strong workforce, 45 percent of which are in design and development division. But now, everybody in China’s Huawei Technologies Company Limited are nervous. They are afraid as the company are bracing for possible job cuts. Huawei, which rose rapidly to become the world’s third largest Smartphone sellers is aiming to narrow the gap with leaders Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics. But the company faces challenges after losing its top spot in China, the world’s biggest market, to new contender Oppo in 2016.

Huawei Group founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei urged all employees to work hard, saying the company would otherwise ‘fall apart’. Now possibly the biggest blow to the existing market leaders of Smartphone are about to come from a Japanese brand.

According information obtained by Weekly Blitz, the Japanese company has been in the business of electronic items for decades, and its brand is well known to almost everyone in the world. For past several months, the company is silently finalizing plans of launching its Smartphones by 2018. Products would be manufactured either in China or India, or both, while there are strong possibilities that the Smartphones may be simultaneously manufactured in China, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and an African country to ensure cheaper price and better compatibility.

Sources said, the Japanese company is willing to compete in qualities with Apple and Samsung, while they are working  hard in offering the Smartphone to the customers at a ‘very reasonable and competitive price’.

Once the company launches its newest item, it is expecting of grabbing a huge market share as their brand already is well known to billions of people in the world.