Oscar, hostile media, and President Trump’s determination of eliminating radical Islamic terror

by Ahmed Zayed

According to media reports, this year’s Oscar award ceremony were politically charged. A number of participants, who had opportunity of going onto the podium had uttered offensive words at president Donald Trump for his immigration policy that aimed at protecting the American people from the terrorists, criminals and violent offenders. President Trump wants to put these evil forces behind bars. But, the celebrities do not like this noble endeavour. Why? Do they want the US to face serious threats of violence posed by the criminals and terrorists? Hopefully it isn’t the grand joke the world witnessed LIVE on the television sets when the Oscar for the best film first went to La La Land and dramatically slipped to Moonlight.

According to every holy scripture, mocking any noble individual is a heavy sin. Who knows if the total mess in this event, which the show’s host Jimmy Kimmel confessed to have been ‘screwed’. In his words, Kimmel said, “I knew I would screw this show up, I really did.”

Hmmm! That’s called – divine punishment or act of God. Yep, God didn’t like the way President Trump’s sincere efforts of protecting his own countrymen were unethically and ruthlessly criticised.

Hopefully those media, who are continuing an indecent, immoral, unethical and cruel offensives on President Trump and his administration will take lesson from the Oscar mess. They must realize, what they are doing is not only un-American but also is not journalism at all.

Some people are enthusiastically waiting for American media (and of course anti-American media to ‘come up with exploding reports like Watergate’. Well, Watergate was real and those reporters in the Washington Post enjoy high esteem for such excellent investigative reporting. But now it seems that some crazy media outlets in the US won’t even hesitate in cooking-up a fake scandal against Donald Trump and his team. And of course, such tendencies are not only dangerous but it also is clearly yellow journalism.

Several media are tirelessly trying to portray Donald Trump as enemy of Muslims and his pledge of eliminating radical Islamic terrorism as ‘war against Islam’.

This is certainly wrong. Most of the Muslim, such as Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, countries in the African continent are fighting radical Islam and terrorism are against Islamic values. Islam is not a religion of militancy. It does not endorse killing innocent people. And of course, real Muslims have nothing to fear from Trump. Not at all! President Donald Trump and his team are not doing anything against Islam. What they are doing is to protect American people from the notoriety of radical Islam and radicalised Muslims. In this noble mission, most of the Muslim nations save Iran would be President Trump’s allies. 

This paper has been consistently supporting Donald Trump. Because we sincerely want America to be great again!