Smartcard project in total mess

Special Correspondent

Bangladesh government began printing Smart card in extreme hurry and after spending significant amount from the state exchequer now authorities concerned realized, there are lot of mistakes and confusions on the information of the card holders. So the process had to be put on pause.

Election Commission secretary Mohammed Abdullah said, those who got enrolled as voters before 2011 will now get opportunity of getting their information corrected.

Another source said, the entire process of printing and issuing Smart card were being done in a great hurry. It seemed like printing the cards were more important than collecting and incorporating required information of the card holder. Until now, eight million cards already are printer. The process began in March 2016.

Only four million Smartcard had so far been distributed. Election Commission source said, the printing of hundred million Smart card may not be completed by this year. It would take at least another 5-6 months.