Iran spreading anti-Semitism and anti-West sentiment under the garb of Al-Quds phobia

by Jehova Stone

One of the top agendas of the Iranian regime is wiping-off the Jewish State from the global map. Each year’s, Tehran is spending millions dollars in spreading anti-Semitism, anti-West and anti-Israel sentiment especially in the Muslim nations under the garb the of Al Quds phobia.

Muslims call the Temple Mount as Al Aqsa or Al Quds. In their theory, there should not be any existence of the Jewish State as Muslims believe, the ‘claim’ of the Jewish State are ‘illegitimate’ and ‘void’. Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital. In Iran’s view, the claims of Jerusalem being the eternal capital of the Jewish State is ‘outrageous’.

The impact of Iranian propaganda against the Jewish State is such strong that even put a strong influence on the former-president of the US, Barack Obama who warned President Donald Trump to refrain from recognising Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish State, saying it would invite serious consequences. Possibly President Trump too is no more willing to fulfill his election-campaign pledge. He may not move the US embassy to Jerusalem, at least in near future.

Lets not blame Donald Trump for putting his election pledge on the Jerusalem issue into shelve.

For past few years, enemies of the Jewish State are becoming louder and stronger. In 2015, several leaders from the Muslim nations, during the UN General support and solidarity towards the Palestinians, and declared Jerusalem as the capital of Palestinian state.

Jewish voices on the other hand are becoming weaker. Look into AIPAC or the American Jewish Committee. Whole of their ‘activities’ and ‘efforts’ somehow being visible only at their websites. Jewish think tanks and charitable organizations are feeling enthusiastic in extending supports to the enemies of the Jewish State. To them, a newspaper like Weekly Blitz, which has been voicing in favor of the Jewish State; denouncing anti-Semitism; confronting Radical Islamic terrorism and holocaust denial is – ‘unimportant’, if not ‘worthless’. Well, maybe they would consider any anti-Israel and anti-Semitic newspaper in Iran or Palestine or elsewhere as ‘important’ and precious. Possibly one day, these Jewish groups would start worshiping Hitler. May be! Everything is possible for them.

How many times had I written about Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury, who is languishing in prison since 2012 serving rigorous imprisonment in a false sedition, treason and blasphemy case? What is his crime? He denounces anti-semitism, confronts radical Islam and jihad, promotes interfaith harmony and supports the Jewish State.

While a Muslim journalist, a friend of the Jewish State is languishing in jail for more than four years – not for killing someone -not for stealing anyone’s money – not for committing any crime, but just for the ‘crime’ of supporting the Jewish State and confronting radical Islamic terrorism; what we have done at least to set him free?

Ask AIPAC, ask American Jewish Committee, ask those Jewish activists and organisations – what they have done for him ! Ask them, why they hide hiding heads into sands !