Pilkhana Massacre: Killers and rapists deserve no mercy

by Abu Jafar

Hearing into the death reference has been finally concluded. It took 370 working days for a 3-member bench of the High Court in concluding the hearing. Now, hopefully, the verdict will be pronounced soon. It is an expectation of every patriotic citizen of Bangladesh that this case will be heard by the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court by this year and the perpetrators of this heinous crime will face the gallow by December 2017.

It may be recalled here that on February 25th 2009, hundreds of the members of the then Bangladesh Rifles (now Border Guard Bangladesh) BDR waged a Bloody massacre and brutally murdered 57 brilliant officer of Bangladesh Army just within few hours. These beasts even did not spare the wives and daughters of the officers. They went on gang-rapes. Such brutality can only be compared with the crimes against humanity committed by Pakistani occupation forces and their cohorts during the war of independence of Bangladesh in 1971.

It should be mentioned here that, even during the 9-month long war of independence less than 10 officers of the Armed Forces were killed. But at Pilkhana, the number of officers Killed were 57. It is not only horrific but also it is such a grave crime that even one culprit should not slip through the loopholes of law. Each of them must be hanged.

Of course, no one can either comment on a sub-judice matter or show the audacity of dictating the courts – we always can humbly appeal to the esteemed judges of the apex court including the honorable Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha to very kindly consider the gravity of crimes committed by the BDR men and instead of considering these culprits as humans, please treat them as beasts – perpetrators of crime against humanity.

We need to remember and consider one important issue with due sympathy – allegations of rapes against the BDR men could not be brought due to reasons we possibly would realize. But of course, there had been gang-rapes. Wives and daughters of the unfortunate army officers entrapped inside the huge compound of the BDR Headquarters in Pilkhana area in Dhaka witnessed the worst-ever nightmares of their lives. They were helpless – terribly shocked and terrified witnessing their husbands and fathers being brutally murdered. Several bodies of the army officers were even thrown inside sewerage pipes. Many bodies were burnt or mutilated.

While the killings were continuing, the BDR men were feeling greatly entertained. Few of them even started dancing waving weapons while others entered the residences of the officers – and started raping their wives and daughters. Even minors were not spared by these beasts. We only can breath when these beasts will be hanged – one after another!