Shameless people forces us in respecting them, and still we lack guts in saying NO!

by Sohail Choudhury

Sometimes few writers provoke me in writing on a topic. This is one of those articles.

For years, I am a vivid reader of articles by Mohammad Badrul Ahsan. To others, he is a journalist. But to me, he is a philosopher. A magician who hypnotises readers with his mighty pen.

Recently in an article published in the largest English daily, Mr. Ahsan wrote: “Shame is thus the flipside of honour, and one can’t exist without the other. Shameless people can’t be honourable, and honourable people  can’t be shameless.”

Extremely powerful and very timely observations indeed! Especially because he picks-up this topic when we can see bunch of shameless creatures (I prefer not calling them people) occupying front rows of every segment of our societies. And unfortunately, people with self-esteem, sense of dignity, and those who feel ashamed of any wrongdoings are becoming micro-minorities in politics, while shameless people are playing the role of dominant force there. That’s extremely unfortunate though, but that is the world we are living today.

Several years back, South Korean president Roh Moo-Hyun committed suicide by leaping from a hill amid an investigation over a bribery scandal.

But in today’s world, we can find a lots of ex-presidents, ex-Prime Ministers, and even those still in power, who would never hesitate either mocking corruption allegations brought against them or simply killing the investigations or getting cases ‘quashed’ by exerting wrong influences – shamelessly. Panama Papers might have become a big hit just for weeks and now we can see how those ‘smart’ politicians and influential figures have already either cremated or buried those ‘false scandals’. And we, the people – the ninety-nine percent proportion of the global population – either are turned into idiots or just got muted – because we are cowards. Our situation is no different than those several hundred passengers of an aircraft, hostaged by just few hijackers. Those shameless creatures occupying front rows of our societies have very successfully turned us all into coward hostages.

Shameless individuals consider themselves as smart, sharp, intelligent, wise and successful in their lives. To them, being shameful is a curse – a grave offense. They mock us and make fun of us because sense of shame stops us from doing anything or everything and grab the ‘crown’ of success – in personal or professional lives. What those shameless segment don’t know is, we can’t behave like a street hooker the way they do always. We don’t repent being ‘unsuccessful’. If success in only for the shameless guys – it’s not for us, for sure!

Sohail Choudhury is the Executive Editor of Weekly Blitz