Bangladesh third largest source of foreign remittance for India!

Special Correspondent

According to a United Nations report in 2010, annually, more than 30 percent of Bangladesh’s GDP go out of the country. Recently, Global, Financial Integrity in a report said, during 2005-2014, over US$ 75 billion had been smuggled-out of Bangladesh.

Another report said, Bangladesh is now the third largest source of foreign remittance for India. Thousands of Indian executives work in Bangladesh. Major part of these Indian executives work in Bangladesh illegally, while the Bangladeshi authorities are reluctant in taking any action against these illegal executives from India, nor there in any sign of investigating the cases of smuggling-out of billions of dollars by these Indians.

Seeking anonymity, a source at the Special Branch of Bangladesh Police told Weekly Blitz, they have a list of around 3,100 Indians working illegally in Bangladesh and sending their earnings to India mostly through illegal channels

The source said, the actual number of Indians working illegally in Bangladesh would be around ten thousand, which is increasing every month.

Another source in an intelligence agency said, due  to the growing influence of the Indian executives in Bangladesh, even multi-national companies like Unilever are no more hiring Bangladesh models for their product promotionals. Millions of dollars are being paid to Indian models depriving Bangladesh models.

Since 2016, the flow of Indian executives in Bangladesh has been on rise. Taking undue advantage of a friendly government in Bangladesh, some Indian nationals are even operating illicit business such a escort agency, mini brothels (inside posh apartments), private bar (alcohol served and sold illegally to selected members), massage parlors, private casinos (set inside posh building) etc.

Sources said, in some cases, intelligence agencies are aware of these illegal establishments in Bangladesh, but they do not dare touching these Indian ventures. There had been reports sent by the intelligence agencies to the high-ups about Indian illegal establishments and executives in Bangladesh. But, authorities turned a blind eyes on this issue.