BNP’s Vision 2030 is not a joke!

by Reazus Salehin

Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) has unveiled its Vision 2030, a set of proposals the party would implement if voted to power in the next national polls, for transforming Bangladesh into a democratic and high middle-income country.

Two of the most significant points in the Vision 2030 are – curbing the prime minister’s monolithic powers, and freeing lower courts from government control, introduction of jury system in lower courts.

It is true that the existing provisions in the constitution (which were restored by BNP in 1991) has turned the democracy of Bangladesh into an elected autocracy. Powers of the Prime Minister is almost equivalent to the Mughal emperors, rulers of the medieval time or communist/socialist dictators. In fact, parliament has already turned into a useless chatter-box and the democratic or constitutional organs into spineless entities.

Political analysts say, BNP’s Vision 2030 clearly proves the party has taken lesson from its previous mistakes and are now ready to get corrected. This Vision 2030 although has been termed as ‘a joke’ by the ruling Bangladesh Awami League, in practical sense, it has generated deep fear and nervousness in their minds. This Vision 2030 reflects the minds of 170 million people of the country, and clearly shows – BNP actually is well prepared for forming a government after the next national polls and present an excellent example of good governance and rule of law.