European Union plans to extort billions of dollars from Britain

Special Correspondent

On June 8th the snap general election in Britain now stands as extremely important as members of the European Union visibly are plotting to extort more than sixty billion euros from the UK.

Leaders of the European Union would put pressure on Britain during the Brexit negotiations for paying and amount of sixty billion euros over the period of 24 month as ‘divorce bills’. It is anticipated that, Britain would face tremendous economic pressure if it has to pay such an exorbitant amount to the EU as the dowry or divorce bill. It also is well assumed that, EU is trying to enforce some punitive measures on Britain for the ‘crime’ of leaving the European Union so that no other EU member states would ‘dare’ following the path of Brexit.

To country such extortion plot of the EU, British Prime Minister Theresa May and her conservative Party must get a landslide victory during the June 8 general election. British voters also should trash those candidates – both from the Conservative Party and Labour Party, who had taken pro-EU stance ignoring the interest of the United Kingdom. Such rogue attitude of those globalists or pro-EU politicians are not patriotic at all !