Jihadists using apps and social media in radicalising Muslims

Special Correspondent

In today’s world, people seems to be more concerned about economy and jobs. This exactly is giving a great opportunity to radical Islam in spreading wings. In the Western nations, Muslims within the age group of 11-30 are falling prey of the jihadist nexus and either turning into a lone wolf or violent followers of radical Islam. They start considering the Western societies as evils, and non-Muslims, particularly Jews and Christians as ‘infidels’ or ‘enemies of Allah’ and make firm pledges of destroying them thus establishing Allah’s rule – Sharia or Caliphate.

Everyday, at least 50-70 lone wolves or jihadists are being ‘created’ in the West, mostly through highly secured apps as well as 23,000 pro-jihadi websites, and closed groups of social media networks.

Internationally known security expert Prof Rohan Gunaratna says more than 20,000 websites are run by extremists and jihadists or would be jihadists can access many of those. But there are only 100 sites to counter radical websites and radical Islamic terrorism. Although advertisers are pulling-down their ads from various social media sites in protest  of containing jihadist contents, there is little or no interest amongst the advertisers in placing ads on the sites, which are countering radical Islam and militancy.

Weekly Blitz is the only anti-militancy newspaper confronting radical Islam and jihad, denouncing anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial, and promoting interfaith harmony, since 2003.

According to counterterrorism experts, Protected Text is one of the top choices of the radical Islamic terrorists as the site is known as the safest platform in virtual world for storing texts. No one – even the admin can identify the users or their locations, and the message can be accessed only by authorised person. Notes on this site are not self-destructive but once deleted, those cannot be retrieved.

Jihadist groups are also using highly secured apps such as Telegram as well as Facebook Groups and YouTube videos in spreading anti-Semitism, religious hatred, jihadist propaganda and select or train would-be radicals in various parts of the world. Law enforcers find the protective nature of closed online groups and messaging tools a major obstacle to militancy probe and counterterrorism operation.

Hundreds and thousands of Muslims are turning radicalised by going through contents available online while many become radicalised by group discussions on the Facebook.

CT experts say, anti-jihad newspapers like Weekly Blitz although are playing very important role in countering radical Islam and those 23,000 jihadist websites, these newspaper are not getting sufficient or any support from the advertisers and various organizations, which are working against radical Islamic terrorism, and anti-Semitism.

The experts say – radical Islam and militancy cannot be eliminated or effectively combated only through military methods. The alarming rise of radical Islamic terrorism in the cyber world also be given due importance immediately. Otherwise, jihadists will continue to grow and radical Islam spread around the world.