Kashmiri djinn saint predicts resignation of President Trump on health ground

Blitz Exclusive

Abdul Malek Khan (65) has been spending most of his time in the caves of the mountains in Indian State of Kashmir for last fifty years. Though he spends just 6-8 hours a day in a nearby hut, he returns to his isolated time inside the cave ahead of the sunset and remains the till dawn.

Locals say, Malek Khan is a mysterious spiritual devotee, who summons djinns in his cave and spends hours talking to them. Sometime those djinns bring various types of uncommon fruit and sweets for Malek.

This mysterious man very seldom speak to his village folks while some villagers had approached him for some ‘divine help’ and Malek Khan took them to the cave where they witnessed djinns coming and communicating with this mysterious man. In their words, Khan can learn about the future through the djinns.

Recently, Malek Khan said he has been told by the djinns that the US President Donald Trump will ‘certainly’ resign on health ground by June 2018. Djinns reportedly told Khan that, President Trump already has started feeling tired and bored of his works and losing interests in Presidency.

Malek thinks, despite abrupt resignation of Donald Trump, Republicans would retain power until 2024.

Talking to a freelance journalist in the Valley, Malek Khan also forecasted end of ‘Kim era’ in North Korea by 2021 and the country going under military dictatorship.

In Malek’s words, “North Korean leader Kim Jong Un would die in a massive heart attack (cardiac arrest) leaving the country into uncertainty and turmoil.

“Since Kim Jong Un is still too young to find the next heir to the Kim dynasty, influential General or even some mid-ranking army officials may take over power.”

Commenting on Malek Khan, a local named Asadullah said, most of his previous forecasts on various issues turned ‘absolutely true’. That is why he is known as Djinn Saint in the locality.