President Moon wants peace, not THAAD

by Vijaya Laxmi Tripura

Great news for the peace-loving people around the Korean peninsula. Moon Jae-in the Liberal Democratic Party candidate has been sworn-in as the President of Korea following a landslide victory.

With the victory of this liberal politician, there is an end to decade-long failed, rogue and even fascist rule of the Conservatives, who had visibly destroyed South’s ever-flourishing economic prospects.

Soon after been sworn-in as the president, he already has expressed willingness in normalising relations with the DPRK (North Korea).

President Moon, whose campaign promise include a ‘National Interest First’ policy, has struck a chord with people who want the country to stand up to powerful allies and neighbours.

It is known to all that President Moon Jae-in is against the deployment of a US Terminal High Altitude Area Detector (THAAD) in South Korea, may now request USA to take back the US$ 1 billion THAAD from the Korean soil.

More than eighty-seven percent of the South Korean People are against THAAD as they know, radiation from this ‘monster’ would pose grave threat to the inhabitants.