US$ 70.585 billion smuggled out of Bangladesh during 2005-2014!

Special Correspondent

A shocking and extremely alarming information has been revealed by Washington-based financial research group-Global Financial Integrity (GFI), which sbid, during the period of 2005-2014 US$ 70.585 billion has been smuggled out of of Bangladesh through various channels.

GFI has provided specific datas on this huge case of financial crime committed by people from various walks of life.

It said, only during 2009, around 9 billion dollar had been smuggled-out. According to sources, the volume of  amount smuggled-out of Bangladesh increased several folds since 2009 and this evil practice is continuing in full swing.

The average amount of money being smuggled were US$ 2-4 billion per year during 2005-2008. But this figure jumped to US$ 6-7 billion per year since 2009.

In most cases, these smuggled money had landed in Panama, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, India, China, Switzerland, Philippines, UAE, Russia and the US.

These money had been either deposited in bank accounts or invested in real estate and other profitable ventures including casinos, nightclubs, IT industry, transport, hotels etc. There are politicians, physicians, industrial entrepreneurs, bankers, IT professionals, real estate businessmen and even civil-military bureaucrats amongst the smugglers.

Hundreds of millions of dollars had also been smuggled-out by multi level marketing companies, chit-funds etc. Several news outlets in the West already are working on GFI’s findings for publishing investigative reports.