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  • Jihadist plots in Southern California

    By May 1, 2019

    Lee Newman Mark Steven Domingo is a recent convert to Islam who plotted attacks on Jews,...

  • Brief history of “Allahu Akbar” attacks on Churches

    By April 27, 2019

    Daniel Greenfield “Allahu Akbar! Islamic State claims responsibility for Sri Lanka attacks,” was how ISIS first...

  • Another terrorist gets early prison release

    By April 25, 2019

    IPT News Judith Clark, a member of the Weather Underground who was serving a 75-year to...

  • Sri Lanka pawn and South Asia’s burning chessboard

    By April 22, 2019

    Pierre Chiartano While the heinous count of victims is still on the way in Sri Lanka...

  • Sri Lanka jihadist attack fact sheet

    By April 22, 2019

    News Desk – 207 people killed, mostly locals and at least 32 foreigners – 450 wounded...

  • United Arab Emirates, Al Jazeera, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Qatar United Arab Emirates, Al Jazeera, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Qatar

    How Qatar’s Al Jazeera provided platform to Osama Bin Laden

    By March 31, 2019

    In 2017, United Arab Emirate’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs sent a letter to UN...

  • Al Jazeera, Saudi, Qatar, American Al Jazeera, Saudi, Qatar, American

    Is Al Jazeera a terrorist network?

    By March 31, 2019

    David N. Robinson  When someone asks me – is Al Jazeera a terrorist network, I say...

  • In a first, Hamas cancels weekly border riots to avoid escalation

    By March 17, 2019

    IPT News Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist organizations decided to cancel Friday’s weekly violent protests on the Israel-Gaza...

  • Lull in terrorism masks a deepening Jihadist threat, Dutch report warns

    By March 3, 2019

    Abigail R. Esman It’s been a relatively quiet year for jihadists in the West, with only...

  • American should not accept ISIS wife Hoda Muthana

    By February 26, 2019

    Robert Spencer The establishment media and Hamas-linked CAIR continue to push for the US and the...

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