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  • Covert war against Hamas’s Sinai arms smuggling

    By January 18, 2019

    Yaakov Lappin In recent years, Israel has waged a covert war against a large-scale Hamas effort...

  • Turkey is a sponsor of radicalism on a global scale

    By January 14, 2019

    Michael Rubin On December 18, 2018, customs authorities seized three thousand Turkish-made pistols in Khoms, a Libyan port...

  • Notorious mafias don Dawood Ibrahim behind historic drug seizure in Sri Lanka

    By January 9, 2019

    Shwe Kelaung Startling new information has been released about the historic narcotics seizure in Dehiwala, Sri...

  • Social media giants consult with Terror-linked CAIR

    By January 9, 2019

    Robert Spencer This doesn’t come as any surprise given the eagerness of both Facebook and Twitter...

  • CAIR and anti-Semitic and pro-terrorist rhetoric

    By January 9, 2019

    John Rossomando To the FBI, Justice Department prosecutors, and at least one federal judge, the Council...

  • “Movement for Islamic War” led by Islamic preacher plotted massacre in India

    By January 6, 2019

    Robert Spencer “A video was also recovered by NIA in which, Mufti Suhail, the 29-year-old Islamic...

  • Confident Hamas claims foreign policy independence after Tehran visit

    By January 1, 2019

    IPT News While it relies on money from Iran and Qatar to survive, a Hamas spokesperson...

  • ISIS warns Christians not to leave home during Christmas

    By December 25, 2018

    Robert Spencer This image of Santa Claus kneeling beside a jihadi who is presumably about to...

  • Scandinavian women murdered in Morocco were victims of the left

    By December 25, 2018

    Robert Spencer The story couldn’t possibly be more horrifying: a young woman from Denmark, Louisa Vesterager...

  • US fundraising site Donorbox suspends account of BDS National Committee

    By December 25, 2018

    Robert Spencer The U.S. fundraising website Donorbox temporarily suspended the account of the BDS National Committee...

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