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  • Thailand eases travel restrictions from 56 countries

    By December 19, 2020

    News Desk The government is easing travel restrictions for citizens from 56 countries to boost the...

  • Virgin Atlantic Airways launches winter sale

    By December 15, 2020

    News Desk Looking to treat your loved ones this Christmas? Look no further that the Virgin...

  • Is Qatar Airways better than Emirates?

    By December 12, 2020

    Mustafa Ali Noor Although the business class both are excellent but I preferred Qatar Airways to...

  • Beijing, Manila, Thai, Thailand Beijing, Manila, Thai, Thailand

    Reasons behind my passion for Thai Airways

    By December 9, 2020

    During my childhood, I had the opportunity of flying on Pakistan International Airlines, Indian Airlines and...

  • My pleasant and odd experience with Thai Airways

    By December 8, 2020

    Suraiyya Aziz Thai Airways has consistently been considered as good to fly with for its courteous...

  • Is Singapore Airlines good at all?

    By December 7, 2020

    Sohail Choudhury Whenever people will ask if Singapore Airlines is good, the immediate answer from most...

  • Services of Qatar Airways in my opinion

    By December 6, 2020

    Victoria Lanes In 2017 Qatar Airways won awards for best airline and best business class. The...

  • Airlines expect reopening of borders safety ‘without quarantine’

    By November 17, 2020

    Gökhan Ergöçün The COVID-19 pandemic is expected to cause nearly $160 billion losses in the aviation...

  • Coronavirus causes US$ 118.5 loss to aviation industry

    By November 17, 2020

    News Desk Airlines globally will lose over $118.5 billion, the biggest in aviation history, during calendar...

  • Halloween in Columbia promises of love, sex and money

    By October 31, 2020

    Juan Pablo Contreras Rios As people cry out for love, money, health or happiness, sorcery promises...

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