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  • The fascinating Columbian Halloween

    By October 31, 2020

    Juan Pablo Contreras Rios People will bet everything to achieve their dreams and desires. That includes...

  • Pentagon’s research agency may help in getting rid of jetlag

    By June 4, 2020

    Michael Peck Jet lag is nature’s reminder that while humans can fly around the world, they...

  • Iran’s Mahan Air ignored COVID-19 flight bans, suppressed reports of crew illness

    By May 8, 2020

    Jewish News Syndicate Iran’s Mahan Air continued to operate flights to and from Iran, Iraq, the...

  • Russian bloggers travels to Indonesia defying coronavirus fear

    By May 8, 2020

    Victoria Ryabikova Instead of sitting at home in fear of catching COVID-19, two popular Russian travel...

  • International airlines resuming flights to Israel

    By May 1, 2020

    Hana Levy Julian Delta Airlines will resume its New York – Tel Aviv flights on May...

  • Uncle Cheffy, a restaurant full of life

    By November 22, 2019

    Vijaya Laxmi Tripura Roads in Manila’s Malate area are mostly seen filled with Jeepneys and tricycles....

  • Prostitution in Ukraine waiting for tourism boom

    By November 18, 2019

    Nikola Mikovic For many foreigners, Ukraine is still an undiscovered land with a rich history, culture,...

  • Cold season arrives early in northern Thailand

    By October 15, 2019

    News Desk The department says that the average minimum temperatures in northern Thailand will steadily drop....

  • Pattaya Police step up patrols

    By October 15, 2019

    News Desk Pol. Lt. Gen. Sattawat Hiranburana, Asst. Commissioner-General of the Royal Thai Police, on Friday...

  • New system to be launched at Dubai airport will use iris and facial scan

    By October 9, 2019

    News Desk Passengers will no longer need a passport or boarding pass to travel from Dubai,...

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