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Being an influential newspaper, BLiTZ invites articles and investigative reports on:

  1. Reports or features on radical religious groups and terrorist outfits from around the world.
  2. Articles on tourism and aviation industry from around the world.
  3. Investment opportunities in various countries.
  4. Reports and features on film and entertainment industry.
  5. Reports and features on hotels, resorts, motels and restaurants around the world.
  6. Reports and features on financial institutions around the world.
  7. Reports and features on pharmaceutical and biochemical industries around the world.
  8. Reports and features on defense technology around the world.
  9. Reports and features on human rights violations around the world.
  10. Reports and features on repression on press and press freedom around the world.
  11. Reports and features on Ahmadiyyas, Bahais, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Jews, Hindus and Christians around the world.
  12. Reports and features on drugs, arms and human trafficking around the world.
  13. Reports and features on Ponzi schemes around the world.
  14. Reports and features on LGBT communities around the world.
  15. Reports and features on cyber crime around the world.
  16. Reports and features on modern innovation around the world.
  17. Reports and features on scientific technologies around the world.
  18. Reports and features on climate issues around the world.
  19. Reports and features on minority rights around the world.
  20. Interviews of individuals from various fields.
  21. Reports and features on corruption around the world.


Please find our advertisement tariff below:


Size: Tabloid

Color: Bicolor (Red and Black)

Number of pages: 16-32

Front page per column inch US$ 50 [Bicolor], minimum 3 column 4 inches

Back page per column inch US$ 45 [Bicolor], minimum 3 column 4 inches

Inner page per column inch US$ 30 [Black and White], minimum 2 column 2 inches

Inner full page US$ 300 [Black and White]


Box display advertisement [4 color] US$ 100 per month and US$ 900 per annum


We also accept paid articles and Press Release for publication. Prospective clients or advertising agencies need to pay US$ 300 for each of the content [maximum 600 words]. We do not accept promotional materials of porn sites, prostitution and anything in favor of Iran.


On the occasion of national day or any special occasions of any country, organization or company, BLiTZ publishes special supplements in four colors. For each full page, rate of Special Supplement is US$ 750 only. For black and white print, the rate is US$ 300 per page.


For any advertisement, paid articles/press releases or special supplements, payments should be made in advance [at least one week before publication] through bank wire transfer or PayPal. Advertising agencies are requested to add their commission on our above tariff. While making the payment, prospective clients are requested to send the contents along with photographs [high resolution photos].


Our team offers services such as graphic design, animation, as well as high-quality printing of business cards, letterheads, envelopes, brochures and other printed materials. For promotional purposes, prospective clients can also place orders for T-shirts, Polo Shirts, Ceramic mugs, Umbrellas, Keyrings, Calendars, Diaries and other promotional materials at an affordable rate with timely delivery guarantee.

We also have skilled team for making of films, documentaries and audio/video contents.

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