Bangladeshi fugitive terrorists using Indian passports

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Notorious terrorist Jisan Ahmed fled Bangladesh in 2003 after murdering several police officers in Dhaka and landed in Kolkata in India, which has been considered as the safe-haven of terrorists, wherefrom notorious terrorists are operating their rackets in Bangladesh. According to information, currently there are over three hundred terrorists, who fled Bangladesh and took shelter inside India. Most of them are holding Indian passports and are even visiting other countries, mostly with the goal of meeting terrorists.

For many years, Jisan Ahmed alias Monty was holding an Indian passport and was using his name as Ali Akbar Chowdhury.

On October 1, 2019 he was arrested on the initiative of the NCB (INTERPOL National Central Bureau) unit at the Bangladesh Police Headquarters and in collaboration with the NCB (Interpol) Dubai. NCB Dubai confirmed the matter on Thursday (October3).

According to Bangladesh authorities, this notorious fugitive terrorist will be brought back to Bangladesh soon after due legal process. Police sources said Dubai authorities are preparing to hand over Jisan to the appropriate authorities.

Sources in the Bangladesh Police headquarters said Jisan went to Dubai from India after managing an Indian Passport and changed his name to Ali Akbar Chowdhury. Interpol issued a red alert in his name for many years.

His name came up again after the arrest of Jubo League leaders GK Shamim and Khaled Mahmud Bhuiyan last month during an anti-corruption drive.

Jisan’s arrest in Dubai generated question in the kinds of the law enforcing agencies in Bangladesh asking as to how a notorious terrorist managed Indian passport and could travel to Dubai, when he already was facing Red Notice from Interpol.

According to information, this notorious terrorist gang-leader went to Dubai after being able to establish contacts with Dawood Ibrahim’s D-Company. He as also circulating counterfeit Indian currency into various states in the country through the underworld network. There is allegation against him of selling weapons to terror and jihadist outfits in India.

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