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Germany arrests Arab migrant on charge of collecting fund for ISIS

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Germany arrests Arab migrant on charge of collecting fund for ISIS

Arab nationals in the western nations are increasing becoming allured to jihadist activities, while unknown number of Muslims have already joined Islamic State, while Shiite Muslims in the western countries are working as contacts or members of Iran-backed Hezbollah. According to news reports, Germany has recently charged an Iraqi immigrant on allegations of raising thousands of dollars for Islamic State.

According to the Federal Prosecutors, the man, who was only known as “Ayman” due to German privacy laws, was apprehended in early January at the German-Swiss border on his way to enter ISIS and battle in Syria or elsewhere.

In 2016, after a surge of mass immigration from the Middle East, the perpetrator arrived in Germany from Iraq.

“Ayman initially planned to go to the Middle East to engage in ‘armed jihad,’ but members of the terrorist organization requested him to postpone his plans and remain in Germany to collect funds,” the German prosecutor said.

The defendant made at least US$12,000 in various transfers to ISIS cells in Syria and Lebanon between June and September 2020.

The funds were allegedly used to help female sympathizers in Syrian refugee camps and to finance the smuggling of women seeking to enter ISIS, according to the prosecutors. They also claimed that the funds sent to Lebanon were intended to assist ISIS fighters in escaping prison and returning to terrorist cells.

Commenting on this particular case, internationally acclaimed anti-militancy journalist, counterterrorism specialist and editor of Blitz, Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury said: “This is a dangerous incident and I am sure this is not the only case. Authorities in Germany as well as other European nations need to take steps for closely monitoring activities of the Muslim immigrants. It is also essential to bring all the mosques and Koranic schools in the western nations under stricter surveillance”.

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