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Iran funds terrorism while people left unfed and poor

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Iran funds terrorism while people left unfed and poor

Iranian regime’s hunger of spreading terrorism throughout the Middle East and the world seems to be never ending. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden and his administration are competing in helping Iranian rogue regime with hundreds of millions of dollars thus empowering America’s top enemy which aspires of seeing the US either eliminated from the global map or become Tehran’s unconditional concubine.

Similarly, Biden administration is enthusiastically helping mega-terror outfit Hamas and Palestinian terrorists, possibly with the agenda of seeing a “Jew-free world” as recently pronounced by a top official of Hamas. It seems, United States has fallen much deeper in love for Hamas than Qatar or other allies of this mega-terror outfit. Because of America’s outrageous love for Hamas, anti-Semitism and attacks on Jews are on rise globally. It is unknown as to why Joe Biden and his administration are behaving as Adolph Hitler and his notorious Nazi forces. One of the many reasons could be, the current US administration is under extreme influence of the Islamist-Leftist bloc.

While Biden is enthusiastically helping Iran in getting the much-required cash, sufferings of the Iranians are on rise.

New figures published by Iran’s Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade for the last Persian year show that the price of basic goods including foods such as poultry, fruits, beans, rice, and cooking oil have doubled or quadrupled.

According to the state-run ISNA News agency, the price of 27 of the 97 monitored goods had increased by more than 100% with prices doubling or quadrupling in 2020.

The report compares prices in the last Persian year (March 2019 to March 2020) to the year before (March 2018 to March 2019).

The highest price increase was in for imported soybeans, which had risen by 3.7 times. The price of imported and domestic barley and corn also increased by up to 163%. This is important because these products are used as feed for livestock such as chicken or cattle.

As a result, the price of chicken, meat, eggs, and dairy products have also increased. According to the report, the price of live chicken increased by 101.1 percent.

The price of fruits, beans, rice, and cooking oil have also doubled according to the report.

In March 2020, oranges had a 136.4 percent price increase, while the price of bananas rose by 191.5 percent. The price of legumes including peas, split pea, and lentils increased by 115.5 percent, 114.1 percent and 127.7 percent.

The price of various kinds of rice, Iran’s staple food, has also doubled.

From the products monitored by the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, the price of 41 products had increased by 50 to 100 percent. These included pinto beans, red beans, yellow apples, poultry, and eggs and dairy products such as raw milk, high-fat pasteurized milk, cheese, and pasteurized yogurt by 55.9 percent.

Other products with a 50-100 percent increase in prices included sugar, imported tea, yeast, tuna fish, and cleaning products such as soap and detergents.

In mid-May, the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade announced an increase in the price of basic food items including sugar, cooking oil and bread.

In another report published on May 11, the state-run ILNA News Agency said bread prices in Tehran and other cities had increased by up to 50 percent.

Reports of Iranians buying bread in installments have surfaced in the past few months.

According to the report by Tejarat News website bakers were keeping books to record bread loans they gave to their customers. Some bakers confiscated the customer’s national ID card until the debt was paid, while others just wrote the names of the customers and the amount of loaned bread.

In February 2021, a representative of an Iranian state-affiliated labor union said workers could not afford meat, rice, and legumes even if their wages were increased 100-fold.

In a report published in November 2020, official figures showed Iranian families were spending 46 percent more on the same products and services compared to last year. The report, published by the Statistical Center of Iran also said the country’s year on year inflation had reached 44.6 percent. This means urban families spent 45 percent more while rural families spent 50% more on products and services compared to last year.

According to official figures published in October, half of Iran’s population live in absolute poverty.

The current poverty line in Iran is 10 million tomans (around $418), while the absolute poverty line is 6.8 million tomans (around $285), which puts 50% of the Iranian population under the line of “absolute poverty”.

Iranian workers, pensioners and employed and unemployed teachers hold almost daily protests across the country to demand higher wages, jobs, or their unpaid salaries. They say their current wages are not enough and that they cannot support their families or put food on the table.

It is well anticipated that Iranian mullah regime will divert major segment of the fund it is expecting from the Biden administration or through the help of President joe Biden towards funding terrorism.

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