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Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah push forward Shiite empire agenda

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Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah push forward Shiite empire agenda

Iran is looking for spreading Shiite dominance in the Middle East and beyond with the agenda of establishing Shiite empire with the active collaboration of Hamas and Hezbollah – Tehran’s terrorism counterparts. According to Indian news portal Eastern Herald, Iranian Shi’ites like other Muslims are waiting for the advent of a long-awaited messiah. They call him Mahdi. Sunni Muslims are also waiting for the same. Iranian Khomeini’s doctrine is very clear that we shall wait for the advent of our Imam al-Mahdi and we have to be prepared with military and nuclear support to welcome him. As he shall be sent by Allah and will not be born rather, he shall appear from sky. And then we, under Imam’s leadership, will start wars and kill people and establish the Shi’ite caliphate”.

For years, Iranian regime has been looking for its collaborators in the Middle East with the ambition of establishing its position in the leading role, where Arab nations will turn into mere puppets or purpose-serving agents of Iran. With this agenda, Iran has been extending support towards Hezbollah in Lebanon and been helping it in emerging into a dangerous Shiite terrorist outfit. But again, for the sake of establishing influence in the Middle East, Iran needed a Sunni terrorist group, and ultimately Hamas emerged as Iran’s most obedient Sunni proxy or mercenary which initially though would serve Iran’s purpose in driving-away Jews from the Middle East, ultimately it would join hands with Iran in cleansing Sunni Muslims, Christians and non-Muslims from the region. And once Iran succeeds in such dangerous agenda, it will emerge as the Shiite Nazis, beginning a second Holocaust. Arab nations, which are now treating Israel and Jews as their enemies just because of Hamas and Palestinians will pretty soon find themselves trapped into the Shiite blueprint.

While Iran has succeeded in having Hezbollah and Hamas as its key allies in the Middle East, it also is growing the size of its own Al Quds Force, which aims at eliminating Israel and murdering Jews, which ultimately will do the same to Christians, non-Muslims and even Sunni Muslims. It may be mentioned here that, Shias consider Sunnis as “non-Muslims”.

According to Eastern Herald op-ed, Iranian conspiracy of establishing relations with Hamas is very dangerous not only for Israel but for the western world and subsequently for Asian countries. Iran’s impure intentions may tremble the world upside down. And Turkey’s indirect support does not make them immune to this threat as Iran believes Turkey to be the nation of infidels.

Unfortunately, countries like China, Russia, India and a number of European nations, who opt for remaining favorable to Palestinians are yet to realize, such madness of showing sympathy to Hamas and Palestinians would one day bring catastrophe to them. In India, the size of Shia population is above 30 million, which is higher than the size of Sikh population. Majority of the Shiite Muslims consider Iran’s policies as of their own. Certainly, India will witness Shia-Sunni clash which will ultimately be expanded to Indian Shiite population’s clashes with Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Jews, Buddhists and other religious groups. Let us take note, while Al Qaeda was seeing the evil dream of Ghazwa-e-Hind or invasion of India, Shiite doctrine too has similar agenda in a different name and title. For China, Shiite notoriety of expanding dominance will turn into a major crisis, as Iran can easily establish connections with Muslim population in the Xinjiang Province through Hamas and Palestinians. Almost similarly, Hamas and Palestinians will help Iran in establishing links with Islamist militancy and separatist groups in Chechnya.

Meanwhile, Hamas has already rejected any peace with Israel.

According to terror-broadcast network Al Jazeera, senior Hamas official Mahmoud Al-Zahar in an interview said, “This land is not suitable for a two-state solution. It’s either or. Either the occupation remains forever – an option that has become completely inconceivable – or this occupation will be removed and each [Israeli] will go his way”.

Meaning, Palestinians and Hamas are no more interested in any peace effort. They are now working as mercenaries of Iran’s notorious agenda and are actively helping the Iranian regime in emerging as the next boss of the Middle East. They also are working as collaborator of Erdogan in his wild dream of re-establishing the Ottoman caliphate.

Al-Zahar also called for cooperation between Muslims against Israel, saying that it is an obligation to do so.

Exposing his current mission of serving Iran’s purpose, Al-Zahar said, “Iran has been targeted by the Israeli entity, which killed Iranian leaders,” he said, adding that Israel had “incited America to place an [economic] siege on Iran. Therefore, Iran is the enemy of our enemy. Syrian lands are occupied, including the Golan Heights. Syria is the enemy of our enemy”.

He even went further by voicing in favor of Iran’s proxy in Lebanon saying, “Lebanon – where Hezbollah is – has been attacked and its lands occupied, and it is also the enemy of our enemy. Why should we not cooperate with the enemy of our enemy in order to liberate our land? We have a common enemy and one land, so why not cooperate in order to liberate it? I don’t just ‘accept’ this. I think it is our duty to cooperate on all levels, in order to liberate the land and get rid of this cancer on our land”.

One important point needs to mentioned here. Majority of the global media unfortunately is biased towards Palestinians. This is a great advantage Iran is already enjoying. By using Hamas and Palestinians. Iran is getting its anti-Israel and anti-Semitic agenda served, even without any effort from its own. Muslim nations, both Arab and non-Arab are almost signaling their willingness of waging jihad against Israel for the sake of their “Palestinian brethren”, without knowing, such sentiments and actions are ultimately serving the purpose of Iran, and in the end control of Saudi Arabia and the two holy mosques would go into the hands of the Shiite Iran. Hopefully Saud Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is aware of this fact.

By expressing notorious ambition of eliminating Israel and driving away Jews from the Middle East, Hamas and majority of the Palestinians have destroyed the minimum prospect of peace. Palestinians want bloodshed. They want to emerge as another Nazi force in the region, while Hamas is already known as the Palestinian Islamic State. Palestinians though are getting support and sympathy of the Arab world by using the sentiment of Muslim Ummah, they have no real affection, love or even slightest concern for Saudi Arabia or those enemies of Iran in the Middle East.

If the Middle Eastern and Arab nations are really willing to save their future fate from being put onto the mercy of Shiite Iran, they need to immediately normalize relations with Israel and ask other Sunni Muslim nations to follow the same decision. To confront the rise of Shiite Iran with the help of Hezbollah and Hamas, Middle Eastern nations should change their decades-old anti-Israel mindset.

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