Islamists pose biggest terror threat to UK

A new review of “Britain’s efforts to stop people becoming terrorists will identify Islamist violence and not Right-wing extremism as the country’s biggest terror threat”.

Its author, William Shawcross, reviews “Britain’s efforts to stop people becoming terrorists” and his report identifies jihad violence “and not Right-wing extremism as the country’s biggest terror threat”. In 2021, Shawcross was appointed independent reviewer of the UK’s deradicalization program, Prevent, which not only catastrophically failed, but was discovered last month to have used taxpayer money to fund jihad organizations and Taliban supporters. The new review carries a measure of hope, but it will be certainly met with furious resistance.

Home Secretary Suella Braverman “is expected to support the review’s call for a back to basics approach which will see renewed efforts to counter the core ideology behind Islamist terrorism.” Unfortunately, there was never a “back to basics” approach to begin with, since authorities viewed normative Islam as a religion of peace. Try testing how peaceful it is regarding insults.

However many Muslims and non-Muslims proclaim Islam to be a religion of peace, there are abundant passages in the Qur’an and Hadith that prove otherwise. Indeed, there are Qur’anic verses that instruct peace, but its chronologically later verses call for war against disbelievers and bloody conquest. Islam’s principle of abrogation dictates that where there is a contradiction, the later verses override the earlier verses.

As the Western world focuses on whatever the mainstream media tells them to focus on, the threat of jihad (stealth and violent) has not abated. It is being virtually ignored. As the West beats itself up over “white supremacy,” leaders have made it easy for Muslim Brotherhood operatives and Islamic supremacists to infiltrate to the highest levels, and for violent jihadists to enter Western countries, thanks to open-door immigration policies. Western leaders tend to be naïve and egotistical; many Muslims who have approached Western leaders with a friendly handshake and promises to ‘help’ fight ‘racism’ and radicalization are welcomed and embraced in a spirit of “diversity” and “inclusion”.

The Telegraph revealed that “groups funded by Prevent were led by people who allegedly supported the Taliban, defended banned militant Islamist groups and hosted hate preachers”. And these individuals certainly did not ‘look’ the part.

Nonetheless, the apparent willingness of Britain to confront jihad ideology now is a significant shift. It can potentially serve as an example to the entire West, which for years has been brushing aside the ideology behind stealth and violent jihad. It is the ideology that makes its adherents particularly resistant to any deradicalization program. To date, such programs resemble routine Western programs to reduce recidivism, which are completely inapt when dealing with the deeply ingrained belief among jihadists that they are doing the work of Allah and earning rewards in the afterlife.

“Shawcross’s review of the Prevent anti-terrorism program is expected to argue Islamist terror poses the greatest threat to life and the most casework for MI5.” It looks good theoretically, but any program that any infidel country may attempt to implement to highlight the ideology that drives jihad will be met with swift and vociferous accusations of “Islamophobia”. The Islamophobia suberfuge is a proven, sure-fire way to deflect all attention away from the jihad, and instead to stir up victimology with allegations of breaches of human rights, etc. The mainstream Left-leaning media laps it all up with glee.

When accepted leaders of a religious ideology encourage human shields and jihad summer camp for kids, as seen in the Palestinian “resistance”, that should alert the West the reality and power of the jihad ideology. Instead, the Palestinian “resistance” has gained worldwide acceptance via sophisticated propaganda campaigns.

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