Jihadist groups plotting drone attacks on India

While Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Nityanand Rai told the parliament that Rohingya migrants pose a threat to country’s national security and Rohingyas were already indulging into illegal and terrorist activities, intelligence agencies have warned about possible terrorist attacks in Delhi targeting “key point installations” during or before the August 15 Independence Day celebrations of India. On the basis of substantial intel inputs, Indian intelligence agencies said, Pakistan-based terrorist groups were already taking preparation for carrying out series of attacks using explosive-laden drones.

But another source told Blitz, radical Islamic militancy groups in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir were taking preparations of launching series of explosive-laden balloon attacks on India from the midnight of August 14, mainly targeting security check posts and barracks in Jammu & Kashmir. The source further said, Islamist jihadist groups may also launch rocket attacks from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

Commenting on the possibility of explosive-laden drone attacks, as predicted by the Indian intelligence agencies, security experts told Blitz, “considering India’s advanced security apparatus, it is very much unlikely that any attempt of drone attacks would succeed. It is not possible for any terrorist group to launch explosive-laden drone attacks on India. This is impossible”.

But security experts said, there are possibilities of series of suicide attacks inside India during the celebration of Independence Day. It said, in India, use of firecrackers during any celebration is very common. Terrorists may take advantage of it because, for commoners and even law enforcement agencies, it is extremely difficult to differentiate sound of fire crackers and explosives, until the damage is done. They suggested a total ban on use of firecrackers in India during any celebration at least for many years, as following withdrawal of western troops from Afghanistan, this region will be facing enhanced security threats.

Another source told Blitz, India may witness terrorist attacks on August 5 as on that day in 2019, Article 370 centering Jammu & Kashmir was abrogated. “There might be several terrorist attacks in August 5”, the source added.

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