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MEF launches sentry radio and podcast


MEF launches sentry radio and podcast

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For fans of the Middle East Forum’s sober reporting and cutting-edge analysis of the most important news stories coming out of the Middle East, MEF Radio now offers the chance to go beyond the print and get the full story straight from the experts’ mouths every Wednesday at 10AM ET on MEF Sentry Radio, broadcast on Philadelphia’s WWDB 860 AM Radio, by MEF Director Gregg Roman.  To listen live on the internet, click here.

Each week Gregg will speak with expert authors and analysts on the latest developments coming out of the Middle East. Listen as they discuss the issues that really matter and dig below the popular narratives that distort realities on the ground. Learn from engaging dialogues between top experts as MEF works to foster dialogue and spotlight innovative voices in the fields of Middle Eastern policy and security in the United States and the West.

Take our team of dedicated researchers and straightforward reporting with you on your commute, while you exercise, or instead of turning on the TV after work. MEF Sentry Radio is always commercial free and guaranteed to keep you the most informed person in the room (as long as you’re not in the same room as our experts!)

To subscribe to MEF Sentry Radio, and get the latest weeks’ episodes as they happen, click here.

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