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Mother of Islamic State “jihadi pin-up poster girl” sues government for letting her leave the country


Mother of Islamic State “jihadi pin-up poster girl” sues government for letting her leave the country

Robert Spencer

Sabina Selimovic’s mother is suing the Austrian government for allowing her daughter to leave the country and join the Islamic State. She should be apologizing to the government for raising her child in such a manner that she was susceptible to jihad preaching. This shows that Western governments can’t win for losing. If the Austrian government had stopped Sabina Selimovic from leaving the country, it would likely have been charged with “Islamophobia” and “profiling” for daring to assume that the girl had nefarious intentions. Sabina Selimovic’s mother should be suing Ebu Tejma for recruiting her daughter for jihad, and the Qur’an for preaching the virtues of jihad warfare and dying for the sake of Allah.

“Mother of teenage ISIS ‘pin-up poster girl’ who died in Syria SUES the Austrian government for letting her leave the country,” by Sara Malm, MailOnline, December 6, 2018:


The mother of one of the Austrian teenagers dubbed ‘jihadi pin-up poster girls’ after they joined ISIS in Syria, is suing the government for letting them leave the country.

Sabina Selimovic was just 15 when she left Vienna with her 16-year-old friend Samra Kesinovic in April 2014, and both are believed to have died in Syria.


In 2015, a United Nations official revealed a girl ‘of Bosnian origin from Austria’ – believed to be Sabina Selimovic – died in fighting in Syria.

According to Mrs Selimovic’s lawyer, the border guards at the airport should have checked whether the girls were ‘leaving the country against their guardians’ will’.


The Austrian state rejected the allegations and a government spokesperson said that it is not forbidden for minors to voluntarily leave the country.

According to local media, there is currently no clear case law on the matter, which means that the Austrian Supreme Court will ultimately make a decision.


Mrs Selimovic still thinks that her daughter, who reportedly got married in Syria, may be alive, even though she has not heard from her for years.

She added: ‘At first she wrote almost every day, and we also received telephone calls. She told me that she was fine and that I did not need to worry.’


Sabina and Samra were children of Bosnian refugees who fled to Austria in the 1990s to escape the war in their homeland.

They reportedly left a note for their families which read: ‘Don’t look for us. We will serve Allah and we will die for him.’


Shortly after arriving in Syria, Sabina, speaking through SMS messages to a French magazine, insisted she was enjoying life in the war-torn region where she felt free to practise her religion.

She said her husband was a soldier and added: ‘Here I can really be free. I can practice my religion. I couldn’t do that in Vienna.’

Mirsad O., an Islamic preacher from Bosnia living in Vienna, using the name ‘Ebu Tejma’, was allegedly responsible for the radicalisation of the two young girls. He has denied the claims.

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