“Movement for Islamic War” led by Islamic preacher plotted massacre in India

Robert Spencer

“A video was also recovered by NIA in which, Mufti Suhail, the 29-year-old Islamic preacher who led the group, is heard explaining intricacies of an IED.”

Happens all the time. Don’t rabbis and Christian preachers routinely get busted with weapons caches amid their plots to commit mass murder of non-Jews and non-Christians? From the establishment media narrative, one would think so. Reality, however, is different.

An update on this story. “Man Arrested In Meerut For Supplying Arms To Radical Islamist Group Planning To Attack NIA, Delhi Police HQ,” Swarajya, January 5, 2019:

A man has been arrested by the National Investigating Agency (NIA) in Meerut for allegedly supplying weapons to the suspected Islamic State module which was busted by the agency last week, as reported by Indian Express.

The arrest of 21-year-old Mohammad Nayeem was made late on Thursday evening. He reportedly works as a welder in Gurugram.

During the raid against the Islamic State module on 26 December (Wednesday), the NIA had claimed to have seized a huge stock of arms and explosives which included Ammonium Nitrate, Potassium Nitrate,12 pistols, Sugar material paste, 150 rounds of live ammunition, Sulphur, 51 pipes, a remote control car triggering switch, steel containers, wireless digital doorbell for remote switch electric wires, 91 mobile phones, 134 SIM cards, three laptops, knife, sword, IS-related literature, cash worth Rs 7.5 lakh, 112 alarm clocks one country-made rocket launcher, mobile phone circuits, batteries, 51 pipes.

NIA officials stated that the group had learnt how to assemble bombs etc through online tutorials. A video was also recovered by NIA in which, Mufti Suhail, the 29-year-old Islamic preacher who led the group, is heard explaining intricacies of an IED.

The agency arrested 10 people during its 26 December raid from Delhi’s Jaffarabad and UP’s Amroha for allegedly being part of a group called Harkat-ul-Harb-e-Islam. The name of the group translates to ‘Movement for Islamic War’.

Interestingly, the arrested members of the radical group, while being interrogated by Delhi police said Delhi Police headquarters was one of the targets of the group

Input by the counterrorism experts of Blitz:

According to credible sources inside Indian security agencies, Mufti Suhail, kingpin of the “Movement for Islamic War” (MIW) had regular contacts with Pakistani spy agency Inter Service Intelligence for years. In October 2018, Mufti Suhail was contacted by an influential member of Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh (JIB) from the UK and asked to “prepare for massive operations in India” from the first week of January 2019.

It is anticipated by the counterterrorism experts of Blitz, JIB and Pakistani ISI might have been making such arrangements in India to “retaliate” India’s continuous support towards Awami League in Bangladesh. It further said, similar arrangements might also have been made in other parts of India by the same nexus.

Blitz has been warning of such notoriety by Pakistani ISI and Jamaat-e-Islami. According to our experts, following humiliating defeat of BNP and JIB, possibly these groups will now opt for creating anarchy inside India while it is not unlikely that the same nexus might have also been providing logistics to Pakistan-based Arakan Muslim Salvation Army (ARSA).

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