Muslim mobs attack Hindus after doctor accused of blasphemy

Christinine Douglass-Williams

Muslim mobs erupted in violence after Hindu doctor Ramesh Kumar, was accused of blasphemy. Even without evidence, except accusations from a mullah stating that the doctor burned a Quran, Kumar was arrested. Then a frenzied mob set fires, burned tires and damaged Hindu-owned shops as public punishment against Kumar. It is a frequent occurrence in Pakistan that Christians are accused by neighbors or mullahs of blasphemy, prompting the whole family of the accused to flee their homes (and villages) for survival, in the midst of frenzied mobs out to murder them for an accusation. Such accusations are routinely lies as a means to persecute minorities under Pakistan’s infamous blasphemy laws.  Anyone can be accused at any time, only to have his or her life and that of their loved ones and surrounding community turn into misery. Once accused, the inhumane conditions of incarceration is the better option, as the accused is as good as dead” if he or she remains free.

Western expectations of tolerance and diversity from Muslims are scarce.

“Mob violence in Mirpurkhas after Hindu doctor is accused of blasphemy”, Pakistan Today, May 27, 2019:

Violent protests erupted in Phulhadiyon area of Mirpurkhas on Monday after a Hindu doctor, Ramesh Kumar, was accused of having committed blasphemy.

Although the doctor was arrested, extremists were not pacified and took to setting fire and damaging Hindu owned shops in the area besides, burning tyres on the roads.

According to reports, the doctor was accused to allegedly committing blasphemy by burning a Quran by a mullah; however, mobs took to violence without evidence.

“I urge the government to intervene and ensure the safety of Hindu Sindhis who have lived peacefully here for centuries. Also, action must be taken against those who initiated these riots and incited violence. There is a proper lawful procedure for such cases. How can we think of killing someone, especially when it’s Youm-e-Ali,” said Facebook user Syma Jafri.

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