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Pakistani ISI and Al Qaeda jointly plan serial attacks in India

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Pakistani ISI and Al Qaeda jointly plan serial attacks in India

Islamic jihadist group Al Qaeda and Pakistan’s notorious spy agency Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) are planning serial terrorist attacks in Indian state of Assam and adjacent areas. According to media reports, Assam police received confirmed intel inputs from the blueprints of serial attacks by ISI and Al Qaeda. According to the intel received by the police intelligence, ISI will target individuals and RSS Karyakartas and Army areas in Assam and other parts of India. On the other hand, Al-Qaeda will target Hindu religious institutions, public places and public transports by resorting to explosions of Bombs and IEDs.

After the intel input received by the Special Branch (SB) of Assam police about the blueprint of Al-Qaeda and ISI, Assam police headquarters sent red alerts to all the district superintendent of police to take maximum security and preventive measures to thwart such evil design by the Islamist terrorist groups and Pakistani ISI.

Assam police intelligence has access to a very provocative video published by ‘As-Sahab’, the media wing of Al-Qaeda. The video with an Urdu song in the background and Bangla subtitle mentioned the Dhalpur-Gorukhuti eviction in Darrang district of Assam, which shows a call for Jihad specifically in Assam and Jammu and Kashmir. The video message published by terrorist group Al-Qaeda titled “Don’t sit idle grieving” tries to provoke the Muslim youth by showing the alleged lynching of Indian Muslims and some shots of Assam and Jammu and Kashmir and called for a Jihad in Assam and Kashmir”.

Highly placed sources in Assam police Special Branch (SB), which handles the intelligence wing, told India’s oldest newspaper The Organiser that the intelligence received inputs, on October 6, 2021, about separate attacks by ISI and Al-Qaeda in Assam.

Central intelligence agencies, including the Army intelligence, alerted the Assam police about the attacks planned by ISI and Al-Qaeda in the state.

The intelligence received input that ISI and Al-Qaeda are planning revenge for the Dhalpur eviction, conducted on September 23, 2021. Two illegal Muslim migrant encroachers were killed in police firing after the mob reportedly attacked the police force with sharp weapons injuring 11 police personnel.

Assam police headquarters on Saturday (October 16)) issued a red alert to all the district headquarters and its branches to prevent such attacks. In a red alert notice issued by the DGP office Assam, the SP and all officials were asked to take strict vigil of the situation and activate the sources to get high-end inputs about such attacks. According to The Organiser, Assam police are on high alert after the sensitive inputs of a probable attack by Al-Qaeda and ISI.

The Organiser report said, Indian Army and central intelligence agencies were sensitized after the confirmed inputs received by Assam police.

Security has been beefed up in all sensitive locations of the state.

The Organiser has already published reports about jihadist and Islamic extremists’ modules presence in Assam.

Pakistani ISI has been trying hard with its Bangladeshi Islamic extremists’ collaborators such as Neo-JMB [as well as Ansar Al Islam] to set up a base for jihadists in the migrant Muslim-dominated areas and the riverine (Char) of Assam. Of late, the char areas of many lower Assam districts bordering Bangladesh or Muslim popular districts have become a safe haven for Islamic extremist activities.

Pakistani spy agency has also been actively trying to destroy interfaith harmony in India and Bangladesh with the help of its local cohorts. A highly placed source told Blitz, for the last six months, Pakistani ISI has increased the frequency of pumping counterfeit Indian currency into India through a number of routes and channels. While Nepal has already become one of the key transits for ISI in pumping counterfeit Indian currency, Pakistani spy agency also has recently succeeded in establishing strong network of such activities inside Sri Lanka. It may be mentioned here that a significant portion of the cash generated from the circulation of counterfeit Indian currency is being used towards terrorism and buying weapons and explosives.

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