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Propaganda stunt of corona jihadists


Propaganda stunt of corona jihadists

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

Members of the corona jihadist squad, who have played the role of super-spreader of coronavirus in India, now are all set cover their evil deeds by emerging as the so-called plasma donors.

On May 22, Indian authorities had to shut down the doors of the headquarters of Tablighi Jamaat in Delhi as over 2,500 members of this group were holding a congregation defying lockdown. The five-storey building of Tablighi Jamaat headquarters in the narrow lanes of Indian capital city was seen to be fully active with hundreds of worshippers streaming in and out of the building, thus posing a grave threat to rest of the population, at the crucial time of coronavirus pandemic. While the Indian authorities were struggling in containing the pandemic, Tablighi men were inspired and instructed by the leaders to use coronavirus as an effective tool of getting “hundreds and millions of Hindus”. Those leaders had called upon the Tablighi men to wage coronajihad.

Of about 4,400 initial coronavirus cases in India, nearly one-third were related to the Tablighi Jamaat congregation. More than eight thousand people, including foreigners, visited the Tablighi Jamaat headquarters during the pandemic defying lockdown.

After creating havoc throughout India by spreading coronavirus, now Tablighi men have come up with a new episode of their propaganda stunt by offering plasma, which would be used to treat severely ill coronavirus patients. Meaning – these villains are now not only trying to hide their notoriety, but are surely in a bid of emerging as heroes.

According to newspaper reports, the number of recovered Tablighi Jamaat’s coronavirus men are “hundreds”, meaning, these hundreds of Tablighis are responsible for playing the role of super-spreaders of the virus amongst the majority of the population.

Tablighi Jamaat chief Maulana Muhammad Saad, who is responsible for spreading coronavirus throughout India as part of their nefarious coronajihad plot, reportedly has now appealed to all its Covid-recovered volunteers to donate plasma in large numbers.

For a donor to be eligible to donate plasma, he or she should have been free of symptoms and have tested negative for the virus at least 14 days before the plasma can be used. The blood in Covid-recovered patients develops immunity to fight against this illness, and the plasma is extracted from their blood. About 100ml plasma is taken from the blood and the process takes around 40 minutes.

Following the case of Tablighi men donating plasma for the critically ill coronavirus patients, a section of Indian media are enthusiastically giving coverage to it while others are even competing in showing these Tablighis as noble souls and even heroes.

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is an internationally acclaimed multi-award-winning anti-jihadist journalist, counter-terrorism specialist and editor of Blitz

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