Radical groups in Bangladesh react at anti-militancy campaign

Mustafa Ali Noor

Some dubious individuals, groups and web portals are spreading propaganda and ill-motivated provocative comments giving instigation to communal riots following publication of an awareness advertisement in most of the daily newspapers in Bangladesh. The advertisement titled ‘Elements of identifying a suspected militancy member through radical indicator’ has drawn attention of the cross section of people.

According to counter-militancy experts, creating social awareness against militancy and radical Islam is extremely important as the entire world is now facing threats posed by various jihadist groups including Islamic State (ISIS).

Commenting on the effectiveness of the awareness advertisement they said, it has narrated the issue in a very simple manner, which can be easily understood by anyone who would read. It is essential for the members of the society to understand the ‘radical indicator’ in order to make sure, none of their neighbors are stepping into the wrong path of radicalization.

Following publication of the advertisement, a vernacular web portal named Notun Diganya published a provocative report, thus giving instigation to its readers towards communal riot.

Commenting on such propaganda, experts said, only jihadists and their cohorts would react to the anti militancy or awareness campaign. It will be now easy for Bangladesh law enforcing agencies in knowing the radicalized individuals by going through the comments beneath the provocative report of Notun Diganta or any other dubious web portals.

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