With Iran’s help, Hamas resumes stockpiling thousands of rockets

Hamas has already formed an evil nexus with Iran and Hezbollah with the agenda of driving Jews out of Israel and the Middle East and finally establish Shiite dominance in the region under the leadership of Iran. Finally, Hamas will help Iran in toppling-down rulers in the Arab world, including Saudi Arabia and replace them with Tehran’s puppet regimes.

Recently a top Hamas official has told Qatari terror broadcast network Al Jazeera that Palestinians will not accept any two-state solution or peace process. Instead, they are looking for eliminating Israel from the world map and drive Jews out of the Middle East. With this statement, Hamas has left a clear message of rejecting any international effort of establishing permanent peace in the Middle East. Still some countries are voicing in favor of Hamas and Palestinians without understanding the ultimate consequence of such mad support.

Eminent journalist Seth J. Frantzman recently wrote in the Jerusalem Post: Hamas in the Gaza Strip is already rebuilding its massive rocket arsenal to target Israel in the next war, according to Iranian news reports.

The assessment by the media is based on information received from Hamas’s political bureau to Fars News. It “announced that the Palestinian resistance has resumed production of missiles with the end of the recent Israeli aggression.”

Hamas told its Iranian backers that “our factories and workshops have resumed production of thousands of missiles to stop the [attacks] of Netanyahu in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv,” Fathi Hamad, a member of Hamas’ political bureau, said in a message on Sunday evening.

Hamas has vowed to protect Palestinians in Jerusalem. It launched a war on Israel on May 10, targeting Jerusalem. It used more than 4,000 rockets to attack Israel over 11 days. It targeted air bases and major cities. Iran advised it on its strategy and celebrated its efforts. Hamas thanked Iran for its support. Iran has used this to fuel Hezbollah and other proxies against Israel.

“The option of war against Israel and [due to] discriminatory measures against the Palestinians is still valid, but the Palestinians are not looking for a war because it costs money, but it will continue forever, Hamas leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, said on Monday,” according to Fars News. “Israel is occupying our lands, displacing our people and continuing to kill,” said Sinwar, who has been touring Gaza in recent days. Hamas has held parades showing off its weapons as well.

Hamas has some 15,000 rockets and Palestinian Islamic Jihad still has rockets as well. These have ranges up to 250 km., Hamas says. Hamas rocket technology is based on Iranian technology and has included rockets smuggled from Iran in the past.

Meanwhile, with Hamas boosting the production of rockets with the notorious agenda of resuming attacks on Israel, Iran has been smuggling large volume of rockets and missiles to Gaza.

Hamas officials have said, the war on Israel will “never end”.

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