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Crescent Group’s absconding partner Abdul Aziz seeks help from an ex-minister


Crescent Group’s absconding partner Abdul Aziz seeks help from an ex-minister

Vijaya Laxmi Tripura

As Abdul Kader, Chairman of loan defaulted Crescent Group is unable to get bail and warrant of arrest has already been issued against Rezia Begum, mother of Abdul Kader and Abdul Aziz, the fraudulent businessman cum controversial film producer sought help from an ex minister for ensuring Aziz’s bail on his return to Bangladesh. Accordingly, the minister had suggested Abdul Aziz to “immediately return” to Bangladesh and he [the ex-minister] would get Aziz out of jail in a couple of weeks by buying “favour” from some “influential” figures in the government. For this bail deal, the ex-minister is asking Taka 25 crore from Abdul Aziz.

Abdul Aziz, who now is staying abroad as a fugitive has become greatly concerned as warrant of arrest has also been issued against his mother Rezia Begum.

The dubious website of Crescent Group:

According to the website of Crescent Group, its office is located at 143 Hazaribagh, Dhaka – 1209. As the scam has already been busted, information on the client’s of the ‘group’ has been removed from the relevant page. Similarly, information on the projects of the group has also been removed.

From the ‘About Us’ page, photograph of Rezia Begum has been removed. Similarly, names and details of the ‘Key Executives’ of the company has been removed. Contents in most of the pages from the website has already been removed, most definitely in fear of further legal complications.

Even the photograph of the board meeting room in the website is fake.

Giving a closer look into the website would clearly prove – this is nothing but a notorious racket of fraudsters.

Dubious website of Rimex Footwear Limited:

The website of Rimex Footwear Limited also clearly looks extremely dubious. In the website, China office of the company is shown at: Room 3a-c3, 4th floor, Hao Pan Shoe Materials Plaza, Hou Jie Street No. 53-55, Hou Jie,
Dong Guan, Guang Dong, China, Tel. 88- 13712079560. In reality, there is no information on Rimex Footwear Limited obtaining permission from the authorities concerned for opening a branch in China. Contents in the ‘Gallery’ page has been totally removed by this fraudulent gang. Similarly, anyone having a look into the website would only realize, this is just a website created by some uneducated people with the lone agenda of cheating the financial institution.

A Facebook Page of Rimex Footwear clearly proves the ulterior motive of a group of fraudsters.

Here is a video of Rimex Footwear Limited, which is available on the YouTube:


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