Expo Doha 2023 expects millions of visitors

Engineer Muhammad Ali Al-Khoury, Secretary-General of Expo Doha 2023, revealed expectations that the number of visitors to the exhibition, which will be hosted by the State of Qatar over the course of 6 months, during the period from October 2, 2023 to March 28, 2024, will reach about 3 million visitors, in addition to the participation of 80 countries from all over the world. Pointing out that the number of countries participating in the exhibition so far has reached 50 countries.

This came during the session held by the Central Municipal Council yesterday, chaired by His Excellency Mr. Mohammed Hammoud Shafi Al Shafi, Chairman of the Council, at its headquarters, after the completion of maintenance work.

Engineer Muhammad Ali Al-Khoury said during his hosting of the Council yesterday to introduce the members to the exhibition: The Doha Expo is considered the largest environmentally friendly event within the Qatar National Vision 2030, explaining that the exhibition is a brand with a goal, vision and values, and that its slogan is “a green desert … a better environment”. And that this slogan aims to encourage and inspire people with innovative solutions and reduce desertification.

He noted that the exhibition covers 4 sub-themes: modern agriculture, technology and innovation, environmental awareness, and sustainability, indicating that the exhibition will consist of 179 days of celebrations that will last from October 2 to March 28, pointing out that the exhibition is the first edition to be held. In a desert climate, and that it will be held in Al Bidda Park, which is considered a central and privileged location in the heart of Doha, as well as its proximity to Hamad International Airport, Doha Port and the business center.

During the session, Eng. Mohamed Al-Khoury presented the master plan of the exhibition, pointing out that the site consists of 3 areas: the cultural area with an area of ​​500,000 square meters, the family area with an area of ​​500,000 square meters, and the international area with an area of ​​700,000 square meters.

He said, the family area will include many sites and events, including: the Families Amphitheater, the Shepherds’ Area, the Pottery Market, Sculpture Gardens, Sustainable Agriculture, Green House Expo, Planet Based Future Exhibition, Desert Farm, Vertical Agriculture, Coffee, Tea and Chocolate Exhibition, Cinema APCO, APCO Majlis, Food and Beverage Area, Kahramaa Carnival, Perfume Museum, Medicinal Plants, Artworks.

He explained that the exhibition’s cultural area includes: the conference center, the environmental center, the cultural arena, the Museum of Biological Diversity and Agriculture, the photographic exhibition, the world of fungi, an art exhibition of recycled plastic, botanical gardens, a restaurant, and a rocky desert.

As for the international zone, it includes: the Expo building, the green tunnel, the innovation center, hydroponics, the cultural bazaar, indoor gardens, the Expo square, a restaurant, the sculpture gardens, the food and beverage area, and the administration building.

Engineer Muhammad Ali Al-Khoury said in press statements on the sidelines of his hosting in the Municipal Council that his visit to the council comes as part of the campaign that is being organized within the State of Qatar to introduce the Expo, pointing out that the council and its members are a very important section in this campaign because they are elected members and represent citizens in their constituencies. Greetings to the Municipal Council Chairman, Vice-President and members for giving him this opportunity to provide an introductory explanation of the exhibition.

Field visits

The Secretary-General of the exhibition said: Everyone in the State of Qatar contributes to the Expo, whether through actual contribution or by participating in its success, looking forward to hosting a special edition of the Expo.

He pointed out that it was done in coordination with Qatar Airways and Qatar Tourism so that the Expo will be a main station for all visitors to the State of Qatar, even for transit passengers, as they can leave the airport and come to visit the exhibition, especially since there are two metro stations near it.

He explained that coordination has been made with Qatar Airways, Qatar Tourism and all ministries and agencies in the country, including the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, so that there will be visits for school students to introduce them to the exhibition and what it includes of presenting innovations and modern agricultural technologies, as well as other ministries, including the Ministry of Culture.

Schedule of work

The Municipal Council had discussed during its session the day before yesterday, a number of topics on the agenda, which included discussing the recommendations and report of the Public Services and Utilities Committee regarding (a proposal to name two parks located in the ninth and twentieth circles) and the recommendations of the same committee regarding (a proposal to name streets in the south of Al Mashaf) based on The letter received from the Committee for Naming Regions, Neighborhoods, Streets and Squares.

The statement of the Public Services and Utilities Committee regarding the response to the council’s recommendations regarding (electric vehicle charging stations on main roads) issued based on the proposal submitted by member Abdul Rahman bin Abdullah Al Khulaifi – representative of the department (10) was also discussed.

The council also discussed a proposal submitted by member Saeed Mubarak Al-Rashdi, member of constituency 28, regarding addressing the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to tighten control over the markets and control prices during the month of Ramadan, as well as tighten control over the inspection of foodstuffs and ensure their safety and suitability for human consumption. The council decided to submit a recommendation in this regard to the authorities concerned.

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