Made in Bangladesh car hits market

A local company in Bangladesh has successfully, for the first time, built seven-seater vehicle, which will hit the market soon. The manufacturers ‘Bangla Cars Limited’ launches its first fleet of thirty vehicles, 10 of which have already been sold. The company is looking for exporting their vehicles, which includes Sedan cars, SUVs, minivans and buses to the international buyers from 2022.

According to company sources, a seven-seater Bangla car costing 3 million BDT is backed with 5-year after sales warranty. The company claims their vehicles are equipped with luxurious fittings, similar to those of Mercedes Benz, BMW etc.

One of the key features of the vehicle is – it bears ‘Made in Bangladesh’ label. Initially the vehicles will be fitted with 1500-2500 CC engines, with 8 different color selections. However, custom colors will be made available on customers’ demand.

Bangladesh has a large demand of vehicles. Although, majority of the demand of such vehicles are met through imported second-hand (reconditioned) vehicles from Japan. Among the brand new cars, Japanese Toyota has the lead because of the easy availability of its spare parts.

In recent years, Havel brand vehicles, although have become a choice of the customers because of lower prices, it is still lacking confidence of the buyers due to limitation of after-sales service facilities, as well as availability of spare parts.

South Korean vehicles also had initially attracted customers in comparison to Japanese brands, but subsequently such demand has drastically declined due to scarcity of spare parts and lesser longevity.

Bangla Cars, although has decided to offer their vehicles at 3 million BDT, it is still above the average buying capacity of the Bangladeshi customer. Additionally, its substitute Japanese and Chinese brands are offering similar price levels to its customers. Therefore, Bangla Cars will need to compete with these issues to earn the trust of the Bangladeshi market.

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