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Russian government simplifies import of computers, smartphones and tablets

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Russian government simplifies import of computers, smartphones and tablets

The government of the Russian Federation will simplify the import of electronic devices into Russia, which include cryptographic means, said Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin at a meeting with deputy prime ministers on Monday.

“We will also significantly simplify the rules for importing into the country this year electronic devices that contain cryptographic means. These include, for example, computers, tablets, laptops, smartphones,” Mishustin said. According to him, this will meet the needs of the domestic market, as well as avoid failures and production shutdowns.

In addition, the government decided to temporarily empower industry associations to issue special permits. Under the new rules, manufacturers will need to apply to the Center for Licensing, Certification and Protection of State Secrets of the FSB of Russia.

In addition, for backbone organizations, customs control will be relaxed when importing cryptographic tools, which are components for the industrial production of electronic equipment and technology.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade has allowed parallel imports of mobile phones, including iPhones and Samsungs, as well as cars and spare parts for them, according to an order published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

According to the document, it is allowed to import “telephone sets, including telephone sets for cellular networks or other wireless networks; other equipment for transmitting or receiving voice, images or other data, including equipment for communication in a wired or wireless network.”

The list includes products from brands such as Apple , Asus, Samsung , D-Link, Gigaset, HP, Motorola, Panasonic, Nokia, Sony, Mikrotik, Intel, Xeon, Siemens , Cisco , H3C, Industronic, Neuman, Fortinet, Schneider Electric , Hitachi, Zyxel and others.

At the end of March, the Russian government legalized the import of goods without the permission of the right holders in order to satisfy the demand for demanded imports in the face of sanctions and the exit from the market of both the companies themselves and the official distributors of their products.

At the same time, parallel imports do not mean the legalization of counterfeit goods, the measure involves the import of original goods, but through alternative supply channels, the Ministry of Industry and Trade emphasized. The list will change depending on the decisions of foreign companies regarding work in Russia.

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